Shirtless 'True Blood' Star Ryan Kwanten Hits The Beach

We're already missing Ryan Kwanten and True Blood isn't even over yet! 

Oh well, we figure a little Hump Day hotness from the Aussie stud on the beach in Malibu will help ease our pain! 

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nice sexy body..... very handsome too...

why oh why do beautiful hunks in the year 2014 still wear those horrendous baggy trunks to swim in? Can't they take a hint from England and Europe where the style are very short, short trunks--or better still, bikini briefs? 

Can't believe someone replied to my comment lol.

his pecs need some work

Ryan is even hotter when he opens his mouth... and speaks Australian!! How to speak Australian? Ask Ryan! Woof!!! 

Twink for sure

He isn't American.  I think he is from australia

Americans don't know shit about swimwear. He looks ridiculous.

He's Australian.....

True Blood sucks! They killed off the hot sexy black guy!

FFS, seriously? The guy is skinny as...he needs to eat something.

Says the fat, boring, troll!

Wtf are you talking about???  He's fit, in shape, not skinny.  He's healthy and beautiful.  I don't know what kind of guys you are in to but he is far from skinny.  Don't be a hater.  

Oh don't bother with "anonymous"   he just sits behind   his computer all day eating and running down all the  news stories on here.  LMAO!

No this is the last season

Wait, he manscapes?

No, you can see the hairs on his chest, wet down by the surf.  Some people are just not very hairy in the first place!

Wait, they killed him off???

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