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Shirtless Violinist Shares His Soothing Cover Of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" & It's What We Needed


Is there any other & ' " song that's gayer than "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"?  Yes, of course there is, but this song screams RAINBOWS, and when you think of rainbows, you do think of the LGBTQ community.

For me, this classic The Wizard of Oz song is so much more than just one of the original gay anthems.  It's a song of personal reflection. It makes me think of my hopes, desires, of my inner and outer struggles. It makes me think of family, the ones I've lost and loved, and the ones I may love in the future.

The Shirtless Violinist shared this song with us at the end of September, just a couple of days ago, but we didn't share it until now.  I was looking for some personal reflection after the horrific event in Las Vegas.  I so wanted to stay off bookFace on Monday, but it's a hard thing to do in this industry.  I did my best staying away, but what could not go away was thinking about the pain that those people were going through, the scars still fresh in our community from Pulse Orlando, and thinking about the future pain that others will go through during the next biggest mass shooting America will experience most likely sooner than later.

Before we can move forward, we may need to move to center, gather our thoughts, and reflect.

Watching this was relaxing, soothing, simplifying.  Listening to The Shirtless Violinist's cover of Dorothy's melodic sharing of her heart, and the fact that he created it in a way that was not "hey, look at me!" like so many SOTR performances are done, helped me get a little closer to center. 

Thanks again, Matthew. Enjoy.



I always like Matthew's post on YouTube for he shares his thoughts about the song and his performance.

When you click your heels together and repeat "There's no place like home" where do you go? What do you see?

For me it's the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where I live. And my latest violin cover of the classic "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" is a tribute to the place I call home! And when we think of home, we often think of family. I happen to have 2 VERY talented siblings - Esther & Isaac - who also play the violin. We grew up playing as a musical trio, but now we live far apart (my sister is all the way in Australia!)

The thing about this video that makes it so special, is that I am accompanied by my brother and sister on the audio track. We recorded our parts separately and although you can't see them in the video, you can certainly hear them. When I close my eyes (and click my heels) it's almost like the 3 of us are together again! -

What does "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" mean to you?