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Shirtless Violinist Tells A Different Kind Of Love Story While Covering Adele's "Someone Like You."

We have love, we lose love, we want more love. Love is a sick cycle of emotions, but we keep wanting more. 

The Shirtless Violinist touches on a different kind of love in his newest video.

We celebrate every kind of love

Gay, straight, bi, and trans. Every imaginable relationship has been portrayed in a multitude of heartwarming (and heartbreaking) ways.

But what about another kind of love? Say, perhaps, the love between a musician and his music? A violinist and his violin? That was something I had never seen personified in a video before, and it was something I wanted to attempt. So, when it came time to develop a music video for my cover of Adele’s “Someone Like You”, I had a feeling my concept would fit perfectly with this song.

The video title is SOMEONE LIKE YOU (GAY VERSION) ADELE.  Matthew, the Shirtless Violinist, plays the violin in a hauntingly lower voice than normal, giving Adele's song a little different twist. About half way through the song the tone goes back to the higher violin voice we are use to. 


Thanks again Matt for sharing your talent and vision with us.  He does ask us to pay attention to the entire video, especially the finale.

But our story has a twist ending, so you’ll have to leave me a comment with your own interpretation of that final shot!




At last, the day of the shoot arrived and all 4 of us were ready to make something beautiful. The entire shoot took about 5 hours without a single break - but we managed to pull it off!

This resulting “love story” between me and my violin can be interpreted a few different ways and that’s what I love about it. For me, it’s about the music desiring to be free, but constantly being pulled back into the musician’s orbit. I think we can all understand relationships that work this way.

We have love, we lose love, we want more love. Love is a sick cycle of emotions, but we keep wanting more.  But as Adele's song tells us, we can look for love elsewhere.  We don't have to return back to the same old routine.


CREW DANCER Derek Loerzel
DIRECTOR Paul Castle
CHOREOGRAPHERS Paul Castle & Derek Loerzel
EDITOR Paul Castle & Matthew Olshefski

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