Shocking Racist And Homophobic Jake And Logan Paul Tweets


International YouTube sensations and brothers Jake Paul and Logan Paul are currently being rightly identified as what the chrn would call problematic, at best, especially after Logan posted a now infamous video taken in Japan's Suicide Forest. His insensitivity towards a deceased person that he came across was so tone deaf that it was Katy Perry, and his brother's use of the N-word in a separate video has officially landed the duo in hot water.



Well, now that folks at Buzzfeed have dug up even more evidence that these two have been PROBLEMATIC for quite some time. Tweets hearkening back to their pre-fame days are racist and homophobic, and just prove that the boys were going for shock value from an early age. In a wildly crowded social media market, aspiring starlets are being pressured to pull off increasingly risky stunts, which explains Logan's Suicide Forest video. As well as tragedies such as the woman who shot her boyfriend through a book and killed him.

But this really doesn't explain the horrific tweets you're about to see below. These seem to be unfiltered thoughts from Logan and Jake, and will genuinely make you question the current state of celebritydom. Although, there was the Mel Gibson thing. And the Christian Bale thing. Okay maybe all celebrities are the worst. Check out just some of the tweets below and head to Buzzfeed for the full list. 





Horrific tweets!? You’ve got to be kidding me. They’re both annoyingly obnoxious, but these tweets are far from horrific. More like uninformed straight boy talk.

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