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The Simpsons Get Bloody In Horror Inspired Couch Gag

Admit it, you can probably hum The Simpsons opening theme music right now in synch.

Through the years, we've seen multiple couch gags, from our favorite yellow-belly, family of five including: Missing their couch, opening a circus, and even seeing their original selves!

Claymation Filmmaker and all-around hunk, Lee Hardcastle, has created his version of The Simpsons longrunning couch gag and you need to check it out!






Inspired by the Indie Horror film, You're Next, Hardcastle is not shy in his efforts to ensure The Simpson's have their most gruesome couch gag. Let's just say that Bart Simpson's recurring bullies finally cross the line.

Prepare yourself and click on the video below to see your favorite characters deal with their horrifying home invasion.

For more of Hardcastle's videos, feel free to browse his YouTube Channel.