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Singer From Christian Band Jars Of Clay Tweets Support For Marriage Equality, Sparks Backlash

Dan Haseltine, singer for one of the most popular Christian rock bands in the industry, Jars of Clay, has found himself in a defensive position against rabidly anti-gay fans after he let the world know that he supports marriage equality (a.k.a. is an actual Christian). 

"Not meaning to stir things up BUT... Is there a non-speculative or non "slippery slope" reason why gays shouldn't marry? I don't hear one," Dan tweeted earlier this week. 

"I just don't see a negative effect to allowing gay marriage," he added in a subsequent tweet. "No societal breakdown, no war on traditional marriage. ?? Anyone?"

Homophobes did chime in, including notorious bigot Michael Brown who called Dan's message of love and acceptance "the shattering of Jars of Clay."

"This really boggles the mind," Michael writes. "When you’re sliding down a dangerous slippery slope, you don’t say, 'Give me one good reason we’re in danger, other than the fact that we’re careening down this deadly slope.' No. You grab hold of something to stop your fall and then figure out how to climb back to solid ground. Does this gifted artist not realize that the only reason we’re talking about redefining marriage today is because we are well down that slope already? This is the day of full-blown incestuous relationships on popular TV shows like Game of Thrones; of other shows glorifying polyamory (married and dating!), polygamy (from Big Love to Sister Wives to My Five Wives), and teen pregnancy; of news reports about the “wedding” of three lesbians. It is the day of almost half of all first-time American mothers having their babies out of wedlock, with cohabitation rates up more than 700% since 1960, and it is against this backdrop that talk of same-sex “marriage” has become prominent. Do we really want to accelerate the destruction of marriage?"

So, still, to answer Dan's original question, no? 

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I'm sure that if Mr. Haseltine fall's from the "graces" of the supposed Christians, he will pick up a lot more fans with his message of love and support. His words and actions will preach the message louder than any sermon. Kudos for him! 

When are these so - called "christians" going to understand that not everyone feels as they do? They are entitled to their opinions, but they are NOT entitled to force their opinions and beliefs on the rest of the country. Mr. Haseltine is a true Christian that understands the meaning of the word.

Because "THE WORD OF GOD" calls this type of thing that he is supporting an abomination of God!

What did Jesus say regarding gays????? I'll be waiting for an answer.

First things first, I don't imagine God yells at people and that's what you're doing when you type in all caps.
Second, I was raised Catholic and have read the Bible cover to cover many times and it never mentions homosexuality as an abomination. Jesus taught lessons of love and acceptance? Why are you so angry? How has gay marriage affected you in any way? Has it even touched your life? It's cloches now, but ask yourself "what would Jesus do " before replying in anger..

Why is this article about the ugly response of a homophobe rather than the true Christian who supports marriage equality?

I thought the same thing Paul

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