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Singer Frank Ocean To Act In A Romance Movie

Bisexual singer Frank Ocean signed on for his first acting role.

Billboard is reporting that Frank Ocean is singed on to star in a film project called Ships Passing in the Night.

This movie seems to be quite the diverse project. Not only will Frank Ocean be in it, but the film is being directed by Michael Kang of The Motel and West 32nd. On top of that, the singer will be co-starring with South Korean actresses Hye Kyo Song and Esther Nam.

Right now, the project is very much at the beginning stages and there’s little known about what the story will be.

That said, the IMDB page for the film gives us a little look into the film.

“Brad Bang is one of the top male supermodels in the world. Grace Sol is a passionate but fragile actress. Despite their growing, troubled relationship, after a series of rehearsals and one fateful night, Grace falls for Brad, only to realize that despite needing each other, their love is forbidden.”

We’ll keep you updated as more information film releases.

h/t: Billboard, NewNowNext