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Singer Will Young Claims He's The Victim Of Homophobia At Hotel Spa

British singer Will Young took to Twitter moments ago admonishing the homophobia he apparently just experienced at a London hotel spa.

Young tweets:

As of now, Young hasn't named and shamed the hotel. Don't be coy, Will!!


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Great comment Michael N. !

Whatever happened is between Mr Young and the hotel spa.....I understand his need to vent on twitter and I applaud his control by not naming the offending business.....if he had provided a name, the media would have tried them and convicted them without knowing ALL the facts.....leave it in the arena of the judicial system where it belongs!

I love Will ... I would hug him anywhere ... no matter what people would say ;-)

Mr. Kevin Dobbins, you are an ignorant fool.

It could have been worse. I mean it could have been a gross, greasy, dark skinned, nappy haired NIGGER in that spa half naked. Now that would be something to really get offended over!

Nothing worse than a queer nigger!

You might want to cancel your subscription to Instinct magazine. 

Or did you find this site while doing a Google search for "Sexy Felon" with your stretched out, once white, Fruit of the Looms on your cankles?

Actually, there is. Look in the mirror. 

They were probably "going at it" as most gay men do in gym locker rooms, showers and saunas. It makes us straight guys very uncomfortable. When is this EVER appropriate? And I don't mean simple hugs/kisses, which I don't have a problem with. I mean full blown (pardon the pun) gay sex.  Why must I be subjected to this, in place where I pay for a membership? If it's a scenario such as this, than I totally understand the spa guest feeling uncomfortable. 

But Lauren isn't it "unnatural" ? I have yet to hear an argument, fact or theory proving otherwise.

I agree. He needs to say the name of the hotel otherwise speaking up is useless and will make it seem like u have made this up. 

However if they all over each gay or str8 no one wants to see it 

watch a porn for that. 

But a simple hug or a simple kiss is acceptable 

Why do you gays have such a sense of entitlement? No wonder homophobia is alive and well.

Funny as. 

We don't have a scene of entitlement we have a sense of equality, imagine if you were in the same position. Have you ever been told your disgusting or unnatural, shunned by your family and friends or beaten for who you love?
If it was the same treatment between heterosexuals and homosexuals there would be no problems....

If it was only hugging and not total pda (which in a spa, str8 or gay, is inappropriate), then it's ridiculous.

What does he expect? I mean you gays act like total FLAMERS in public, then wanna pull the victim card when we cringe

Attention seeking fags,.

"Attention seeking fags..."


Really? Kinda hypocritical considering where you are. You do realize this is a gay site, yes? 

Your a fucking cunt. 

If you think we "act like total FLAMERS in public" you should see what we do in private. Moron. 

If a male and female straight couple were to hug, it would be perceived as sweet and romantic. You're out of touch. 

You're funny too, buster. 

You, sir, are a moron. This comment only displays your ignorance. If you continue to act like an IDIOT is public, I will ask you to be removed.

Attention seeking homophobes...

If you apply the same standard to str8 couples, you're just probably incredibly uptight; if that's just your opinion for gays, you're incredibly naive and bigoted.

interesting that you're spending time on the Instinct (GAY) website.   what are YOU hiding?  

My sentiments exactly. 

The "conservative" member was probably getting a hard on and didn't want it to get back to his wife.

he needs to say the name of the hotel,, why is him not saying it

Something similar happened to me at Ritz Carlton in orlando.... I wanna make this public but have no idea what to do.....argh.

If I were him, I would take my business else where, and demand a refund. He should be allowed to do what he wants. However, I wouldn't be whining about it on Twitter. That does nothing.

not true. It makes it public and picked up in news stories and shines a light on the hotel and its policies. This article is case in point.

Tweeting it does a lot. 

Public displays of affection straight or gay is distasteful.I don't don't want people hanging on each other or slurping on each other.

yeah , yeah  ,,, but i bet you do not have as much of a problem with a peck on the lips or cheek or HUG from two people who are male and female , do you ,, A hug , really ?? this offends you when you see it in public ??? , i think you are in the minority on that one , I think most people feel good to see innocent people walking holding hands or giving a kiss to each other quickly on the cheek , whatever it may be .. Were not talking here about lip locking tongue down the throat spit dribbling , down their chins , dry humping  here ... Were talking about two guys hugging one another in public .. And i dam well know you would not have an issue with it if it were straight people doing it , but you guys like to use that as an excuses to cover up you bigotry when it comes to stories like this .  And if you do have a problem with it , all i can say is .... GET USED TO IT PAL !

You must be single.

Distasteful? Really? Perhaps you don't have someone you love enough in your life...prudish, priggish and repressed jump to mind. Big hugs xx

I did not know we were still in the Victorian era. There is nothing more beautiful than a hug or a kiss between two people that love each other

Hugging really offends you? Seriously?

Does it matter what kind of affection it was I am sure he was not in a full makeout session but no one complains if its a hetero couple. Asking some one to stop hugging their boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife is just plain rude. The "homophobia card" as you put it can't be overplayed when your being told your love is making me uncomfortable

When was the last time you heard a straight couple being asked to not hug each other. Exactly. It is ONLY said to gays.


Was it just hugging? Overt displays of affection, hetero or homosexual, can be irritating if they are over the top. Maybe the homophobia card is being over-played????? 

Perhaps it is being overused here, but I will say this, how many people would actually bring it up to a staff member to talk to them if they were heterosexual?  I am sure most of us would give them a dirty look and whisper "get a room under our breath".

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