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Sir Ian McKellen Pens Open Letter To Vladimir Putin Denouncing Russia's Anti-Gay Laws

Sir Ian McKellen has joined his friend Nobel Prize-winning scientist Harold Kroto in penning an open letter Russian President Vladimir Putin denouncing Russia's anti-gay laws.

An excerpt from the letter, which was published in full in The Independent reads:

The letter is written to indicate that many senior members of the international scientific community show solidarity with politicians, artists, sports people and many others who have already expressed their abhorrence for the Russian Government's actions against its gay citizens.


In my case (IMcK) I have been warned by the UK Foreign Office that in Russia I could not speak openly about my sexuality, at least in the hearing of anyone under the age of 18. I have therefore felt that I had to turn down invitations to attend Russian film festivals.

Protest is never easy but we hope that by expressing opposition to the new legislation it might be possible to encourage the Russian State to embrace the 21st Century humanitarian, political and inclusive democratic principles which Mikhail Gorbachev worked so hard to achieve. We are encouraged that our serious concerns may be considered by the pardons of imprisoned political activists which have recently been announced.

The letter was co-signed by 27 Nobel laureates. Think it will have an impact, Instincters?

Head here to read the full letter. 


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The letter will probably have little impact unless Russia make some effort to determine how much this ridiculous inhuman law will cost them on the long term. The other civilized countries should help Russia in their calculations by stopping doing any kind of business with that country. In fact, Russia should suffer consequences and penalties for their wrong position which encourage acts of terror and murder within their borders. The Russian government shouldn't regulate what happens in bedrooms ... Nigeria joined in this homophobic movement recently, thus the need for civilized governments to take a clear position. That movement should have begun by not attending the Olympic games in their country at all. Russia would then realize they are in an era of global communications and solidarity. Magneto just moved from my favourite #1 superhero to an immovable #1 position. Thank you and the others who signed the letter.

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