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Sir Ian McKellen Used to be a Stone Cold and Sexy Fox!

At almost 80 years old, being knighted by The Queen, 2 Oscar nominations, 50 award wins, and so much more... Sir Ian McKellen has lived quite the life so far.  And he still looks fantastic doing it!  For many of us youngsters, we never realized just how good looking this guy was in his younger years, until he just started posting pics from back in the day on his Instagram page!  Yum!



#TBT I seem to be wearing two shirts, a waistcoat and a jacket in this #ott fashion shot from the mid 1960s. Hidden away is a marvelous gold Vacheron Constantin watch.

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Ian has been showing his 1.6 million followers some great throwback shots of him solo but also with major icons including Oscar winner Susan Sarandon.  He definitely had some great style throughout that time that has carried with him to where he is now, and it's great that he has posted these photos are a great reminder of what a stone cold fox he used to be (and still is!)



#TBT 1986 with Susan Sarandon perhaps in Los Angeles during the run of WILD HONEY http://mckellen.com/stage/wildhoneyb/

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Thanks Ian!