SNL FINALLY Reveals Celeb Bannon! Murray Does NOT Hold Back

More like Saturday Night LIFE, because life is exactly what you'll have after seeing this scathing and hilarious new skit from the masters of mockery on SNL. After a year of cloaking their Steve Bannon under the now-iconic, and considering the state of his career, increasingly-appropriate, Grim Reaper garb, the folks at Saturday Night Live have finally revealed his true identity - Bill Murray!

The funnyman stopped by 30 Rock to help ring in the series' 2018 season by playing Bannon on the set of Morning Joe, with fellow celebrity guest Fred Armisen portraying Fire and Fury author Michael Wolff. For those of you with a reading list that doesn't include insane people, Fire and Fury is an explosive tell-all that shades President Trump and everyone in his circles to within an inch of their dang lives. Trump has located a bus and placed Bannon, his former White House Chief Strategist, directly underneath it, and Bannon's fall from grace also includes his firing from the website where the who's who of white nationalists get their news, Breitbart. 

While Murray unsurprisingly gets political with his Bannon on SNL, the shade throwing that has the Drag Race queens shaking has more to do with aspects of Bannon's hot LEWK. It's no secret that A) Bannon is a, how do I say this with sensitivity, dermatological enigma and B) he has the market cornered on frumpilicious street wear. Here's just a sip of the tea from Murray:

I'm coming out with a new line of wrinkled barn jackets called Frumpers For Guys. [Also a] springtime skincare line - Blotch.

Seriously dead. The man who made President Trump President Trump continues about his next possible President-in-training:

Already got some prospects. Logan Paul. Martin Shkreli.  The Subway guy. It’s time for America to slide down the Bannon-ster.

Check out the clip below, and as a warning to the four Bannon fans in the world, just know that, much like Bannon, it's not pretty.