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'SNL': Miley Cyrus Sexes It Up As Michele Bachmann In 'We Did Stop (The Government)'

Miley Cyrus took on Saturday Night Live hosting duties for the second time last night and no, she didn't rip up a photo Sinead O'Connor on stage!

She did however rip the U.S. government in "We Did Stop (The Government)," a parody of the music video for her hit, "We Can't Stop." 

Miley got turnt' up as a sexed-up version of Michele Bachmann, though it was arguably her co-star Taran Killem as John Boehner who stole the show!


That was our favorite part of the night, but Miley's cold opening with Miley Cyrus from the past, who warned her that her 2013 VMA performance would bring on the apocalypse, also got laughs. 

Check it out!

What do you think, Instincters, was Miley's hosting gig a win?


Image Credit: NBC