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So, Daft Punk Punked The Grammy Awards

If you were too tired during the 12th hour of the Grammy Awards to notice that Daft Punk—the actual, real humans behind the biggest duo in house music—didn't accept their Best Album of the Year or Best Pop Duo awards, I wouldn't blame you. The French pair (government names Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter) have gone to great lengths to perpetuate the robots-making-music illusion for nearly 20 years. But who wants to see the greatest moments of their careers unfold from behind dark, hot, sweaty masks? 

Going off of real images of Guy and Thomas taken during the days surrounding the Grammys, Internet sleuths have discovered that the dynamically daft duo were not the robots who accepted the honors on stage! Instead, the suit-and-tie clad-humans behind Daft Punk congratulated their robotic stand-ins and collaborator Pharrell Williams from the audience before sending them off to accept the much-deserved awards. 

Check it out. Here's TMZ's ambush of Daft Punk at the airport where the guys are obviously required to not be wearing futuristic Tron-style helmets:

And here's a Tweet just ahead of the Grammy's shared by the band The Knocks (which was promptly deleted):

Finally, here are screenshots and videos of the humans and the robots colliding in one big pop-cultural meta Where's Waldo moment:




Hmmm. I paid $75 to see Daft Punk live a few years back. How cool or horrible is it that I possibly paid that sum to watch two extras push a few buttons on their gear? (Though, in all fairness, it was one of the greatest concert experiences of my life.)

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Being a diehard Daft Punk fan, I know what it takes to do the stuff they do. Watching the guys in their uniforms on stage during the performance, I can tell it's them. Thomas has a very distinctive movement that he does with his music. Also, the board they were using was fully functional The main reason no one else can perform the shows they do is because they think in a very different way. If I understand it correctly, they are modernists. Everything they do and mix on stage is done for many different reasons, and each reason holds its own significance. Daft is not simply trying to make money. They wouldn't put other people out there to try to do something of which Daft would not be proud. Daft has truly unique abilities only they can provide. Anything less would tarnish their name.

I heard recently radio people talking about how te guys could have fill I a anytime they want bc we would never know the difference I'm sorry if u can't show me your face 

I can't pay to see I or hear u 

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