So, The God's Own Country Nude And Gay Scenes Are Here

This makes the Call Me By Your Name scenes look like child's play. Literally. JK! While most gays were thinking "Call me anything you freaking want, Tomotheé Chalamet" this awards season, other LGBTQ movies besides Call Me By Your Name were actually released in 2017 - as hard as it is to believe if you've perused any even tangentially gay blogs - and one of those flicks is the equally critically acclaimed and superiorly sexually explicit British movie God's Own Country! Houston Chronicle reviewer Cary Darling even pits the two movies against each other with:

Director/writer Francis Lee's electrifying feature debut is a working-class, fun-house mirror version of "Call Me By Your Name's" upper-class pretensions and is equally, if not more, rewarding because of it.

Those skeptical that Call Me By Your Name's lack of gay sex was nothing more than a mainstream succession have been championing God's Own Country as the stand-out gay movie of 2017. Now the nude and gay scenes have hit the Internet, and, yeah, they kind of speak for themselves. In God's Own Country, Josh O'Connor plays rural Brit farmhand Johnny Saxby - a man who turns to the bottle and the booty as supplementary material for his monotonous life in a rural community.

Thankfully stunning Romanian field worker Gheorghe Ionescu (Alec Secareanu) comes to work at Saxby's family's farm, and it doesn't take long for his presence to churn up all sorts of confusing feelings in Saxby's panties. And, you can pretty much guess what happens next. ::Hums:: "Feel like makin', Feel like makin' love, Feel like makin' love to you." The movie currently has a 99% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but if that doesn't convince you to check it out, maybe these hot nude and gay peeks will. Hit the jump below for all the goodness!

Head HERE for the nude scenes