So, Is Katy Perry Going For The Gays With Latest Video?

KatyCats around the world rejoiced yesterday when their queen released her long-awaited music video for smash hit song Hey Hey Hey off of her positive revelation of an album Witness. For those who don't know, Witness ushered in Perry as the wokest pop princess in all the land, and she takes her new 'tude to the Hey Hey Hey video by breaking barriers and taking names. She faces off with an entitled Trump-esque date and even goes so far as to slice open a corset with a sword in an act of defiance. Corset can't come to the phone right now. She dead.

Another ongoing IRL storyline is Perry's relationship with her gay followers. This is the singer after all who introduced herself as the girl who kissed a girl... and liked it! Perry has always been ambiguously pro-something with ambiguous pro-something songs like Roar and Firework, but recently she's been attempting to forge a more tailored connection with her LGBTQ fans. This takes a fairly didactic turn in the video for Hey Hey Hey, in which Perry dons a prideful rainbow Joan of Arc costume - as if to say, don't worry bb's, Katy's got you protected. Her sassy gay best friend in the video might have even helped her pick out the look! Has Katy won you over with her deep understanding of gay culture? Check out Perry in action in the new video below and let us know if you remember who she is in the comments.