So, 'Millionaire Matchmaker' Patti Stanger Finally Believes In Bisexuals?

In the wake of waves resulting from her insistence that bisexual men are actually gay behind-the-scenes at Bethenny last week, Bravo reality show placeholder Patti Stanger (The Millionaire Matchmaker) has crowdsourced her evolution on Twitter.

In a tweet posted Monday afternoon (after nearly a week of silence as headlines over her gaffe surged) Patti asked, "Do most bi men favor men over women or the reverse? #girlswanttoknow"

​The tweet seems to acknowledge that the Millionaire Matchmaker has had a come to baby bisexual Jesus moment in the past few days, an implication that's further present in her odd follow-up tweets, including:

Thought-provoking conversation starters on one hand, Patti, but the follow-up questions (specifically the "What are the signs of a bisexual guy?") could douse you in even more hot water. Better to stop while you're ahead. 

What do you think, Instincters? Has the Millionaire Matchmaker come around on bisexuality, according to her new tweets?




Overly botox'ed, clown makeup'ed he/she hybrid who really has no business matchmaking people if she cannot tell the difference between a gay man or a bisexual one. Most bi men DO NOT announce it like gay men...

Plus I have done follow up searches on her matchmaking and most of the relationships flop horribly. Do us all a favor and end the show now so we don't have to wash our eyes out with bleach constantly.

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