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So... Some Folks Are Whining That Their Childhood Was Ruined By Raven Simone Turning Out Gay

How sad are these Twitter users' lives that they can have completely ruined childhoods because Raven Simone *might* be a lesbian??

Break out the violins, Instincters; Buzz Feed has rounded up a list of folks who are whining over ruined childhoods due to Raven's possible homosexuality:

For more glimpses into the depressing lives of homophobic millennials, head to Buzz Feed.



If she, a cable personality, had that large of an impact on your childhood you are a weirdo right out of the gate. There is such thing as to much Disney Channel!!! You lived your life according to Raven's "teachings"? You do realize you were watching tv, you weren't at church.. It isn't like she was going to marry you when you grew up, which would make you a lesbian too as most of the ruined childhood comments were by women. Maybe you deserve to have a ruined childhood if the life of someone you don't know and will never meet has that much control over it. BTW, I came out before she did, does that ruin anything?!?!?!? :)

they are seriously damaged if this is what has their panties in a bunch...

Please, this is nothing! Michael Bay did more damage to my childhood when he made Transformers into a movie!

Golly why don't they just start shouting "Witch, witch, burn the witch!". Barbarian trash.

They could be talked into that real their pastors.

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