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The 'So You Think You Can Dance' Solo Everyone's Talking About!

Check out the So You Think You Can Dance Australia solo that's got everyone talking!

Amazing!! The solo was performed by 18-year-old Michael Dameski and we're seriously not even sure how some of those movements happened! He seemed to defy physics! 

Australia's TV Tonight writes:

Judge Paula Abdul told TV Tonight, it was the most amazing routine she had seen on any version of the show.

“Professionally, I’ve never witnessed anything as special as this. You can’t even articulate it. I can’t begin to tell you, it was that awesome,” she said.

“It prompted an emotional response. I jumped up. The rest of the judges jumped up and the entire studio audience was on their feet, screaming and teary-eyed.”

The applause went on for so long the show had to drastically edit it down and re-introduce the remaining male dancers.

Get it, Michael!!

What did you think of his solo, Instincters? 


As spectacular as it was, absolutely, I agree. There wasn't much poetry in this performance. Dance is more than just motion set to music, it is poetry and motion set to music.

It seemed rushed. They have something like thirty seconds to impress the judges, and all of the performances at this point of the competition feel rushed. They cram as much into that time as they can. 


the definition of jaw-dropping!! OMG he is fantastic!!

I have followed Michael through this season and he is such a stunning dancer, hope he goes on to win 

such a fantastic performance!!


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