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Sochi Olympics Introduces Communal Toilets

Apparently these are the toilets being built in Sochi, Russia in preparation for the Sochi Olympics.

That's right. Full toilets. No partition. Shared trash can?

Why, God, why?

Is this to provide easier access for hypothetical bathroom sex or to deter anyone from using a toilet in Sochi ever??

You decide.


(H/T: Queerty)




Not going to Sochi, but if I was, I would be finding some bushes to do my business in. My luck would turn out to be that some horrible looking guy would be "sitting on the throne" letting a stinker go everytime I would have to use the bathroom. Good luck with that guys!

The 2014 Sochi Olympics are getting more bizarre by the minute. Even in a Soviet gulag you probably did not have to share a stall.

It's a special bathroom designed for Gay sex in Russia...Conspiracy! lol

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