Social Media Erupts over Nintento Revealing Luigi's 'Bulge'

Remember how freaking out the internet got when Nintendo released a game that featured Super Mario's nipples?  Well now, it's gone "below the belt" per se, as their newest game somewhat show's Mario's partner in crime Luigi's bulge. Yes, you heard that right.

A very revealing screenshot has gone out all over the interwebs from a new game that they have released called Mario Tennis Aces.  Evidently, we aren't sure if Luigi is wearing underwear or not, but suffice to say... you can see stuff.

We can't really tell if Luigi is happy to hit the ball as hard as he is, or, um, something else, but it's once again made social media blow up about the "alleged" size of his manhood.

Let's hope we don't see anything of Bowser, honestly. And that folks, was your semi-stupid news of the day.