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Social Media's Diverse Answer To The Question "What is Gay Culture?"

The term "gay culture" has so many meanings at this point that it could be its own dictionary of sorts when we break down what each term means as it relates to this very topic.

A simple response posted by @introvertgay on Twitter gives his unique stance on this very question:

Then the floods of other opinions started to makes its way onto the social networking platform, some funny but also some taking the thought process very seriously.






Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, making all of these answers their version of "right" in the short and long haul of things, but it does make you wonder:  what really is gay culture?

Is it all about apps nowadays?  The fight for our legal rights in many different capacities?  Sexual freedom, coming out, etc?  The answers to these are plentiful and is one that definitely opens up a conversation to see where we are in 2017 in terms of what gay culture really is.

What do you think the answer to this question is?