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Spartacus Star Craig Parker Shares Full-Frontal Selfie

The hunky Craig Parker may have a resume boasting Spartacus and Lord of the Rings, but its his latest appearance on Guys with iPhones that is leaving everyone talking! In a selfie posted to the site, Craig gives the world an up close (and free of prosthetics) view of what we've all seen a glimpse of on the Starz show. 

Hit the link here for the rest of the full monty you see below (NSFW, obviously). You're welcome.


How do you guys even know he's out? You cant believe everything you read on the internet. Not that it's a bad thing if he is gay that would be awesome, but if something isnt true or you dont know personally dont blurt it out

what a handsome sexy man! I will add you to my list of men who I admire list! keep posting those pics mister your my fantasy man!

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Just for thr record, he is a Kiwi and has been out for years,...and odd as you may find it anywhere but NZ, NO drama, no endless magazine articles,....just "meh, ok". NZ is too small to be gay and on Tv and even attempt to be anything but honest about it.  

For what an individual holds as Sacred, who cares???

Well done, I know that isn't easy. But you did. Now you are free... Anyway, you are looking great. You are did good thing. Wish you luck and the best in your carrier, private life to. With love Arun.

It has always been obvious that he is gay. Why do you flamers always anticipate their "COMING OUT". Sooo stereotypical, and soooo tired!

Because we'd rather listen to who's coming out that those of you who are out of their f-ing minds and full of p*ss and vinegar! :-)

What would he have ever needed a prosthetic for? Cuz wow.

Well they always said there was one actor or actress who wanted to be naked without the prosthetics. You look at this pic and his nude scene on spartacus there really isn't all that much of a difference. Unlike Mike Edwards' and some of the other characters Parkers nude pennis looked normal enough to be real.

Very impressive!  How I remember Spartacus fondly. 

One question though: Has Mr. Parker officially come out yet?  He seems to be stuck in that "Victor Garber" limbo where "Everyone knows, but no one will confirm."  

He's already out not that it should matter.

Thanks Jonathan!

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