Speedo Clad Stud Distracts Drivers w/ Flat Tire Prank

​We're not gonna lie--the "prank" aspect of this seems pretty lame/non-existent, but he certainly wears a speedo well! Perhaps put it on mute and enjoy the view??

Watch as this speedo wearing prankster attempts to distract on-coming traffic with his nearly naked assets as he changes a tire:


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)


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She talking she wish she could see the faces of the people watching! We wish she had held the camera steady

Oh god .. All these men are haters ... Wouldn't be hating if it were a woman doing what he's doing. Lame. 

A woman doing that in her bikini*   Totally a double standard!  Typical though lol 

well that was absolutely nauseating! i wanna hurl.... I couldn't even get half way through the video before stopping it! ugh.....sigh.....


The worst video in the world! First of all hold the fucking camera steady! Are you having a stroke while you are shooting this? And secondly he's a guy in a bathing suit and he's acting like he has no idea how to use a tire iron. Bullshit! How stupid are you two bitches anyway?! Why don't you shoot something anyone would care about? 

No butt? Whatever! That guy is HOT, and you'd pay to sniff those Speedos.

I'm about to vomit. Too shaky.

The camera was so unsteady, it made me dizzy...

About the video: hmm.. I guess. 

Literally the dumbest thing I've ever watched...

I had giving him a helping hand or something else he needed more *lol*

Dumb girls giggling in the background....poor camera usage...hot guy in a speedo (only immature girls would giggle) = not news worthy.

Eh. The guy is handsome and in good shape but quite frankly he has no butt:)

Two dizzy bitches drooling over some guys ass is meant to be funny or sexy or something ?
Well at least he wasn't some Ted Bundy wannabe as I'm sure if were up to no good the boot of the car would've been emptier !
Or was this a dry-run to see if it would work ?
What kind of Horror talks about someone and screams THEY'RE ALL OLD as some new Insult ?
Meaningless and quite awful - gr8 Video !

For the 2 girls who are laughing: I know you live in this 3rd world country where speedos are strange but for the rest of the world they  are normal!

Thee worse video ever! Get a life!

ridiculous America for sure.....prude AMericans..dumm Americans, what's the big deal.....speedos or naked is ok, !!

are u still voting for Gay rights?  America is so backwards they still have segregation, they called some people " Back Americans" for God sake....they should be only be called Americans!

I'm "American" and i completely agree with you. Dont think of all of us that way though. Some are just living here cause we were born here and dont really agree with all the societal BS that has been created.

You are right....

DEFINITELY sound off! Overall, eh. Maybe I'm jaded, but we see that all over southern cali.

not sure which was worse. the camera work or the inane commentary. 

Amen! Stupid drunk ass "Kardashians" bitches!

Smokin' HOT!!!  But can do without the giggling pubescent dripping vagina sound effects. 

can' stand the stupid bitches laughing.  We dont giggle at girls in bikinis.  Maybe we should!!!!!!!!

its a speedo.... umm..? so?

USA land of the prudes

Your right. Better with the sound off. 

bad quality video, I never saw the faces of the people to laugh, the guy has a great body, great ass, I saw that the video was in Fl, may I have his phone number?

The accident would have been in my pants

Really? All that fuzz because of a pair of speedos? You're aware the only country where people freak out when they see a guy in speedos is America, right?

You're so right Gus. The US, nation of the prude.

It's a well trained guy in a swimpant... so what...

I'm so glad to live in The Netherlands when it comes to these kinda things.


Ohh Yeaahhhhh!!!!! Wish I could have seen that in person.


That makes two of us!

I would have an accident for sure

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