Stars Like Nick Jonas, Kathy Griffin, Witherspoon Share Photos For #OldHeadshotDay


Happy belated #OldHeadshotDay everyone! Let's just not forget our forefathers who fought for this. Yesterday celebrities far and wide posted headshots from their early years, giving their fans a glimpse into the adorableness, wackiness, and sometimes tackiness of the celebs' showbiz origins.

Some of the stars that shared old headshots were easy to tell, like Reese Witherspoon and Emma Watson.



Parasol Top pony Sassy smile Cut off Jean overalls 12 year old confidence Just for clarification, I’m currently a much more impressive 5’2 “ #OldHeadShot

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I’m REALLY glad this picture of me wearing a baker’s hat exists! #oldheadshotday

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Oh, and hello Joe Mangeniello.



#OldHeadShotDay Circa: 2000 : Becky Thurner

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There's also this one from Kathy Griffin.



Gay advocate and international singing sensation Nick Jonas hopped on the bandwagon, sharing a pic that just might have won #OldHeadshotDay. I mean it's not a competition. But, it actually kind of is, because, ya, Nick won! 



The Jonas bros formed the Jonas Brothers band way back in 2005, and in addition to seeing Nick's throwback headshot, Kevin and Joe joined in on the shenanigans by posting their own pics. 

#OldHeadshotDay upped the ante for celebs who love a good #TBT, and it's so much fun to see that the stars were goofy kids before they were famous. Stars, they're just like us! Except, you know, kind of better. Do you have a favorite celeb pic for #OldHeadshotDay?