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Stephen Amell Attends Vancouver Pride and Has A Word For The Haters

Over the weekend, hottie Stephen Amell, of Arrow fame, attended Vancouver Pride. Amell was in Vanoucver shooting Arrow, and decided to attend Pride during his down time with family and friends. He posted pictures to social media, without much comment, just wonderful pictures of him rocking balloons and making a great peacock.


Lots of people commented. For the most part, people were positive, and while people disagreed there wasn't a ton of negative comments. Some people called it a controversy and were worried about him losing followers. 

Today, Stephen Amell, went live on Facebook to address the "controversy" as he called it. He wanted to do it live so no one could "parse a particular comment to make it more salacious, or take it out of context." Amell explains that he went to have fun. It wasn't to make a political statement or push an agenda. While he did lose followers, he explains it was so miniscule he doesn't care. Stephen also admits this is his first Pride ever, and that his biggest regret was "not bringing his daughter." Saying "she would have loved it."

Watch the full video below:



While this may not have been the "controversy" people wanted it to be, it's great to see Amell take the time to address it. He's know for interacting consistently with his fans on social media, and encouraging people to have some fun with #MemeMonday, where people use pictures of him to create hilarious memes. 



Also, while the fact Amell was at Pride may have been a surprise for some, Amell has consistently stood by the LGBTQ community. He supported marriage equality, congratulated Colton Haynes when he came out, even refusing to out Haynes when a fan pressured him. He's starred along out actor John Scot Barrowman, and worked with executive producer Greg Berlanti. Arrow itself has been LGBT friendly with Bi and Lesbian characters in the show. 

Stephen Amell has long been an ally, and it's great to see him keep the momentum going.