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Steve Grand's Album Is Top Ten Most Funded Kickstarter Music Project

The sky's the limit for Instinct Leading Man Steve Grand's Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for his first full-length album, All-American Boy! He's only half-way through with 17 days left to go and he's already blasted through his $81,000 goal. 

As of this writing, he's raised more than $183,000!

Steve gave fans a half-way point update and breaks down what's been accomplished so far! He writes:

This milestone is just the latest example of the determination YOU have shown right from the start. Check out the stats:

  • Just 17 hours after launch, YOU busted through the original $81,000 goal.
  • Within 24 hours, YOU shared the project roughly 9,000 times on Facebook.
  • In under 2 days, YOU made this one of only 32 out of 27,000+ music projects in Kickstarter’s history to be successfully funded at $100,000 or more.
  • Within 5 days, YOU pledged double our original funding goal.
  • Within 9 days, on March 6, the project became one of the top 10 most funded music projects in Kickstarter’s history – and counting.

Now, with 17 days left, YOU are unstoppable. We’re at 2,700+ backers pledging $182,000+ -- and counting.

Exciting stuff! Congrats to Steve and his supporters. We'll let you know what he ends up raising when the campaign wraps on Sunday, March 30!


Wish I could have half that success on my projects. He is an artist worth supporting though yet surprised he needed to go this route with all the success he has been having. Love the fact he is doing it his way instead of getting a record deal being changed and told what he has to do.

sad people will help make someone elses dream come true because he's a hot gay guy but many wont support local charities or food drives to actually HELP others.

That is a shit hole comment! 

For years and years young gay men have been held back, put down, beaten, treated like trash and so on for being gay.  And here we have people wanting to help a young gay man succeed!   He had tried this kick starter 10 or 15 years ago, he would be lucky to had gotten 10 bucks.   Has a lot less to do with just because he is "hot"  I am personally not attracted to him.  Yes he is a nice looking young man, but no sexual attraction towards him.     As far as charities and food drives, you do realize when people become famous they do a LOT of charity work, so if he does become successful, he will do a lot more for those charities you are wanting help to.  Stop being a negative fuck and think positive and people might like you more!

I can't help but agree with you, maybe there are some who do both....

He is really good, no wonder why people want to help him.

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