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Stevie Nicks' 'American Horror Story: Coven' Role--We've Got The Scoop!

We were all in a tizzy this week over the news that the legendary Stevie Nicks is headed to American Horror Story: Coven and now we've got the scoop on what she's doing on the show!!

This is definitely a SPOILER ALERT!

Entertainment Weekly spoke with AHS creator Ryan Murphy:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: First tell me about how the Stevie Nicks thing happened. She’s actually going to appear?
RYAN MURPHY: She appears as herself. It’s part of Fiona’s ruse in that Fiona is trying to get the true Supreme to reveal herself because she needs to stay alive. So she tells Misty Day that the Supreme gets so many great things in life, like tickets to the Oscars and Met Ball tickets. So she brings Stevie Nicks in as a gift to Misty to prove to her that if she exhibits more power she’ll get that and more. Then the other girls come home and see Stevie and Misty singing and it starts them trying to move much quicker to prove that they are the Supreme.

Do you know when this will happen?
It’s episode 10. It’s right when we come back from winter break. I had a really good conversation with her and explained to her what the show was and it’s gotten such a big reaction from people. She said, “Oh I wish I could be on the show.” But she couldn’t because she was traveling with Fleetwood Mac in Europe but then Mick Fleetwood got cancer so they cancelled those dates. Then she called and said, “I’m now available sadly enough. If you wanna use me.” So I said, “Let’s do it!” So she’s flying in for like two days and doing her scenes. I know every person in the show is like, “I better be in that goddamn scene!” It’s funny.

I bet Lily Rabe was freaking out!
She was freaking out. She texted me this morning saying, “Is it true? Is it true?” We’re trying to figure what song she’s going to sing with Misty.

This has us even more excited! AHS is killing it this season--are you ready for Stevie??


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