Stoli Announces LGBT Fundraiser But Gay Orgs Are Distancing Themselves From The Russian Brand

With a little help from GayCities (which includes Stoli/SPI as an advertiser), Stoli has agreed to donate $5 for each person who attends the "Most Original Stoli Guy" events in San Francisco, San Diego, Dallas and D.C.

Reads a press release announcing the update to the event:

In lieu of the national Stoli boycott by some in the LGBT community, GayCities has convinced SPI (Stoli's parent company) to donate $5 for each person whom RSVP's and attends The Most Original Stoli Guy Live in San Francisco, San Diego, Dallas and D.C.
The participating charities include local chapters of Equality CA, Equality Texas and the HRC, all whom will be present at the events to accept the donation.
GayCities is currently in discussions with SPI to select an international beneficiary that works directly in affecting change for LGBTs in Russia. The organization will be revealed live at The Most Original Stoli Guy finale, which GayCities will stream live from NYC this September.

Only problem is, which LGBT charities will willingly accept the donation? 

Though Stoli lists Equality CA, Equality Texas and the Human Rights Campaigns as beneficiaries of their last-minute fundraiser, the three groups were quick to distance themselves from the event. 

"The Human Rights Campaign is not participating in The Most Original Stoli Guy events and is not accepting any donations related to these events or otherwise from Stoli. The press release indicating our participation was flat out wrong and the event organizers have unfortunately not provided any information to substantiate their claim."

"Equality Texas does not have any relationship with Stoli Vodka or GayCities. We do not have local chapters, and we have no involvement in the Dallas event planned for August 17th. Equality Texas would not accept donations from Stoli."

And JoeMyGod reports that Equality CA denies participating in this event and reports it never even responded to the publicist's email concerning their involvement. 

What's your take on the Stoli drama?

(Via JMG)