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Stoli's Parent Company Adds Gays To Non-Discrimination Policy

Amidst criticism that Stoli Vodka simply stating their support for the LGBT community isn't enough, Stoli's parent company SPI group has approved a change to the company's non-discrimination policy so that it will now protect gays and lesbians. The policy now reads:

We think this is a good step, but we doubt it will temper the anger of those that feel Stoli isn't putting enough pressure on the Russian government. 

What do you think, Instincters?


(H/T: BuzzFeed)


This is so DUMB. It's like who's the idiot that came up with this "punish the Latvian workers" campaign. IT MAKES NO SENSE!!! Who are we hurting with this boycott? Certainly NOT Vladamir Putin or anyone in his regime for that matter, they could care less. If we want to get serious about this we should put pressure on our elected officials here/UK/France etc to revoke the travel visas to Russian Ambassadors, THAT is something they'd care about. .

Why is everyone giving Queerty a pass for continuing with their Stoli-sponsored model competition?? Big old slap in our face, if you ask me.

"The problem with the North American boycott, known on Twitter as the #dumpstoli campaign, is that the vodka is distilled in Latvia and owned by a Luxembourg company controlled by a Russian billionaire driven into exile for his opposition to just the kind of official prejudice exhibited in the new law targeting gays."  

People really should do research before jumping on band wagons! 


This is a good step, but a very small one.  The Russian government, like the Catholic hierarchy, is living in the past, and until these old farts die off, there will be no change.

Screw the haters. They need to be better eductaed on the facts. SPI and STOLI are not Russian and are big supporters of the LGBT community. 

They forgot the T in LGBT. Who is running that show?

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