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Straight Bros Get Into "Sticky Situation" After Answering Craigslist Ad

Higher education's insane cost can be directly linked to the success of amateur adult sites like Sean Cody. In "Sticky Situation," FuzzKill Comedy tackles the amateur gay-for-pay phenomenon with a slapstick imagining of what goes into getting straight guys to drop trou for the camera. 

Being YouTube, the clip never gets into the titular section of the shoot, so don't get your hopes up. 

(Thankfully this chick wasn't the Craigslist user they met up with!)


Tall guy has really bad form with those push-ups

Haha! I actually thought the tall guy could have potential, especially after he called the short guy, "pretty!" 

Wtf did I just watch?

Short guy's adorable, the other guy not so much haha So there is more to this than just this? haha

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