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Straight German Male Celebrities Make Out With Each Other To Fight Homophobia


GQ Germany has strapped on the Cupid wings to play matchmaker for straight male celebrities who are happily lip-locking to fight homophobia. The effort pits sexy well-known men from various industries together in intimacy in front of the cameras for the campaign, titled "Gentlemen Against Homophobia."

“The intolerance that homosexuals are still fighting against is shocking,” said José Redondo-Vega, GQ Germany's Editor-in-Chief. “With #Mundpropaganda we wanted to give a clear sign in favor of a free society.”

Queerty helps identify a few of our new favorite German allies involved in the project, including musician Herbert Grönemeyet, actors Ken Duken, Kostya Ullmann and August Diehl, members of German hip-hop group Fettes Brot, and beach volleyball Olympic champion Julius Brink.





I think everyone has their own opinions and thoughts and that's ok, however we as a "society" that we are have to keep in mind that this is reality and nothing will change that, why stress over someone else love, they love each other and and that's what counts, people who are against it probably have other worries in their lives, fix those and then complain. Life is Life and yall probably heard it a billions of times but live for it, cause it can be taken away....from experience.  

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Brave. Bold. Inspiring. 

Today, THIS is what we should be seeing. Not anti-homosexuality campaigns. 

Thank you to the gorgeous men who participated in taking a stance against homophobia! 

Americans are way more hung up on sexuality than anyone else. That's why the men in this campaign are not American. It's not a persons identity, just one small piece of who they are, other countries understand that. We clearly do not that's why it affects us the way it does. These men are more brave then the macho impostors some of us idolize. 

Looked as if everyone enjoyed themselves and for a good cause.

It takes a "real man" to do something like this. A man who doesn't fear what others will think, but stands up for what is right, sets an amazing example and tells the world that homophobia is not o.k. 

Thank you 

How extremely brave and honorable. Thank you for this. 

To the "Perfect Man" and everyone else that thinks being gay is wrong or no straight man would do this...GO READ A FREAKING BOOK! First of all we are supposed to love thy neighbor. No one but the good lord will judge us! Secondly, "the perfect man" you said "no straight man would do this!" Well guess what! I am a straight man. My best friend is my brother and he is gay! If me kissing another man would give him the same equal rights that my wife and I have then I would do it without question. WE ARE ALL PEOPLE! GODS PEOPLE! Enlighten yourselves and enrich your minds before you start judging others.

if this really bothers some of you don't read it and if you are we are probably wondering about your sexuality. it's usually the loud ones that are the closet cases...all im sayin. Good work on the article

Simply beautiful and inspiring.

this is fucking immoral! You think by doing good to others will make the bad thing ok? come on people? Fucking retards!

They're not straight, they're gays as well! No straight man would kiss another man like that. CRAP!

you're a fag dude

You need to change your profile name to stupid man!!! Lol 

Thank you for your comment, need no more said, you said it all.  Just showed the world who the retard is.....

I"ll kiss you even though you are an ugly man.

  • You really are stupid, and most probably also a closet gay man too 

you seem to need a good cock up your ass Permalink. That´s all. 

This whole initiative brought a tear to my eye. I take my hat off to GQ Germany! It was a far leap, but they took it!

Thank you for trying to make the lives of complete strangers that much easier!


ditto! GO Germany!

great thing from german heteros

Nice video and good publicity. But, I think people first must get it into their heads that gays are like any person in the world. Actually, I live in Germany and, although most of them try to hide it, there are some who do not accept themselves and, naturally, young people who still have prehistoric thoughts. So, I think it is a really good idea in order to make people be is a pity to see gays who try to pretend to be heterosexual....that´s my opinion and I reckon i am pretty right ;)

I disagree. I think there's sexist sentiment to this as well. As if a man cannot kiss another man and not be attracted to him as a woman can? I think it takes a bold and strong man to do such a thing given homophobia and sexism, and I think that is why it is so important they did this. On the other hand, sexuality is complicated, the way people identify (based on romantic attraction, current relationship, sexual attraction, sexual behavior, etc) and bisexuality is common. That doesn't mean these men aren't straigh and/or are any less brave and amazing for doing what they did. 

In reference to your Franchu85's comment, not all people are the same.  Who are we to judge whether or not these people are hiding from themselves or not.  Most of the people, in this advertisement, are well respected and in my opinion, they are very open minded.  They are to commended on their courage to represent this cause.  Perhaps this is to be considered one of the greatest coming outs, to the world and to themselves............

Could you please stop saying open minded ? because theyre not!!!! THEY ARE IMMORAL !!!!!! Instruments of SATAN!!!!

instruments of satan!!!!!! sounds like a great band name. jus sayin.

i'm a total christian, but i get into finding great names for bands n stuff.

but i am curious how do you know they are instruments of satan? 

i'm from germany but still don't quite understand the fanaticism 

displayed in the anti-ad comments. so you're repressed, big deal, you

can still read the article in the privacy of the bathroom and have a wank,

and no one will know? right? of course these men are open-minded.

in the video covering the photoshoot, one of them DID indeed assert 

that he is straight and much prefers kissing his wife to a guy.

his arms were folded, and he did give off a bit of fear for participating

in the ad campaign.

CHILL OUT. it really really is o.k. for women to love women and men to love men.

and kiss each other.

Should we call you open-minded then Drew? They ARE open-minded trying something new the face of adversity and supporting others and what they believe. You, on the other hand, are a close-minded bigot who thinks he knows best for the world. Guess what? You're not. Take your negative opinions elsewhere. In fact, dont share them at all because nobody wants to hear it. Go hang out with your fairytale friends...

Love is Love not allow this guy who is full of hate bring you down to his level .Ignore him and his foolish rambling .God bless you all! One Family!

What exactly is immoral about two men kissing? Have they killed someone? Are they harming anyone? No, and no. Once again, religious zealot retards try to use the "morality" card on a picture of two men kissing, accusing complete strangers who they dont even know of being amoral, all the while the catholic church doesnt bat an eye at child rape, muslims are killing each other and raping women and children and christian churches in America spend millions on mega churches and pastors buy mansions and cars while people starve and live in squalor. If THIS is your definition of amorality, you have VERY backwards morals and I believe it is YOU who is the immoral one. Get a clue you scab. By the way, isnt  judging others immoral and a sin? Typical christian hypocrite . 

he cannot help it. and i am being serious when i say that. there are people who are truly limited in their thinking because of religious dogma, and as you pointed out, in multiple faiths. Jesus never spoke a word against homosexuality. and don't forget about the obvious love affair between johnathan and...i forget his name...which was in the one tripped over that either...but christians, myself included were taught at a VERY young age anything other than heterosexuality is a sin, and it takes a REALLY mentally and emotionally strong person, to break away from that dogma and still retain their faith. the deep down question the haters actually have is OMG but HOW?!?

and this is a problem that is VERY difficult to resolve. they come across an article like this and alone NOT saying that it is a disgrace and saying something holy-sounding will make him feel guilty. it's a VERY deep and complex problem that morality-based homophobia.

shame on him nonetheless.

Could you please stop saying open minded ? because theyre not!!!! THEY ARE IMMORAL !!!!!! Instruments of SATAN!!!!

Hail Satan!

Given that you are on this website, I'd assume you are a sad individual either in the closet or self-hating. I'm sorry. What did get you interested in this site, anyway?

he wanted to see two dudes kissing--most likely cuz he wants to kiss a dude. duh. and to compensate for THAT, he had to bible-hate.

This can be summed up in one word-ASSHOLE. 

Please STFU and educate yourself.

I suppose you are gay?

No. I spread the words of God. Asshole!

Hi Drew,

As a Christian myself, I would like to remind you of a few of the words of God. Matthew 22:39 says "Love thy neighbour as thyself" and Jesus' response when asked "and who is my neighbour?" (Luke 10:29) is to tell the story of the Good Samaritan (a story with which I am sure you are well aware). Anyone can be your neighbour, gay or straight, white or black, young or old, rich or poor, so when God says "Love thy neighbour", he is saying that we are to love everyone equally.

To directly quote James 2:8-9 [NIRV], it states: "The royal law is found in Scripture. It says, "Love your neighbour as you love yourself." (Leviticus 19:18) If you really keep that law, you are doing what is right. But you sin if you don't treat everyone the same. The law judges you because you have broken it." Please acknowledge that the Bible makes no exceptions; we are to treat everyone the same, with the same love and kindness that you show to yourself and expect to receive from others. Do not judge people for anything as it is not your place but God's.

I hope you understand that what I am trying to say to you is there is no place in this Universe that gives anyone the right to call another living creature "immoral" but that it is our duty as Brothers and Sisters in Christ to love and respect them all unconditionally with the same love and affection that the Almighty God already shows to each and every one of us and will do for the rest of eternity.

With love,
God Bless,


Eat my dick bullshit. Dont u know that God burnt all the homos according to the bible

Please do find me that passage before stating it as an absolute truth. If you can find anywhere in the Bible: "God burnt all the homos", I will be happy to continue this conversation with you, Drew.

Eat my dick bullshit. Dont u know that God burnt all the homos according to the bible

Nice language to use when sharing God's word.  Again, find something to do, STFU and quit embarrassing yourself further.

Dont care bitches. Eat my dick still. I aint gonna embarrass myself unless u know me. LOL

Dont care bitches. Eat my dick still. I aint gonna embarrass myself unless u know me. LOL



OK Dude, calm down, for there is no need to be judgmental and call names.  CHEERS

Dont dude me, i dont even know if ur straight!!

I am a 47 year old man that has never ever kissed a guy, however you sound like a real idiot 

you're a sad sad human being

Oh man , u cant just say that im sad. Ur only seeing letters. Not me. Try to put that in ur cent-like mind

lol I'm done w you :) wish you the best. Not worth wasting any more time. 

The last pair did torrid kissing and its so hot, but obviously his partner on the left side is clearly gay. This is what you called IMMORALITY!!!

awesome idea, but u misspelled Herbert Grönemeyer name in the article...

Are these dudes absolutely sure they're straight?

If those guys are am I!

that's the best comment you could muster?!

Why doesn't the United States get it?

this story made me smile................ they "get it". GQ should do the same photo shoot in the U.S.

Good work Germany :) 

So awesome, I hope these great ideas can spread to the rest of the world. 


I agree with Monja Smith, so it is one thing to say you are against Homophobia, but to take this kind of stand places Germany in the lead against Homophobia....  Well done!

Kudos to u

I am from Germany, and am very proud to say so right now! The people in the Video are BIG names in Germany; truly known and well liked. The idea is ingenious and everyone involved in this project deserves Kudos. I say this, not because two straight men kissed in front of a camera, but because they truly showed backbone. It is one thing to say gay rights are human rights but to actually stand up and take action in the publics eye, that deserves credit. What a creative and original way to get the point across.

I don't speak German 

turn on the subtitles :)

Selbst wenn Sie deutsche wusste, was würden Sie sagen?

Also in terms of proper grammar, the word "English" is capitalized.

Try learning German and not using a crappy online translator!

Wenn du Deutsch koenntest, was wuerdest du sagen?

Learn to write correct english first!

ahh I wish I know German!

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