Straight Guy Considers Sex With A Man, After Sleeping With His Wife Becomes 'Boring'

"Can a straight man have sex with men and still be straight?"

That's the question one man posed to his local advice columnist

Explaining that sex with his wife of 15 years had become "boring," a man named Herald writes:

“Sex is fine but a bit boring and routine.

“She’s not into new things or experimenting so we do the same things all the time.” 

As a result, Herald says he's become curious about experimenting with another man. 

“I’ve been getting more interested in the idea of having sex with men recently and have started going to places to watch men have sex.

“It’s really exciting and I’ve had offers.” 

He asks the advice columnist if it's wrong to seek out sexual fulfillment, “If my wife can’t give me what I want..."

Sex therapist Emily Power Smith responded:

"There’s nothing wrong with gay sex or being attracted to men. But your situation is more complicated than that. You’re married, so going outside the relationship without the agreement of your wife, no matter who it’s with, is not okay. It’s cheating.  

"Lots of men get bored in their relationship and those that look for excitement don’t always look to men. You may be entering a new phase in your life that includes sex with men. It would be a pity to have it sullied by cheating on your wife. Tell your wife how you feel about your sex life and be clear that you need more. But before you do that, take some time to understand your attraction to men because I suspect it may be more than simple boredom."

Smith says that if Herald wants to open up his marriage, then he owes it to his wife to have an honest discussion about the possibility. 

"Sex with other men is not the issue. Going outside the relationship without your partner’s agreement is."

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