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Straight Guy, Gay Guy Wow America's Got Talent Judges As Unconventional Salsa Couple

John was reluctant at first. "I don't dance with guys," he relays of his life prior to four years ago. But then he started dancing with Andrew "socially" and quickly learned that he's "better than the girls." Now, John, "straight and looking," and Andrew, a bona fide gay glamazon, are tearing up rugs as an unconventional salsa pair. They made their TV debut this week on America's Got Talent, and quickly wowed the judges with their moves. Don't you love how much of a non-factor the same-sex-ness of this dancing couple is to the judges?!



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For my understanding is that this program is for some1 to come and show what his/her is all about. Regard the colour of your skin, gender, age or beleive.  

I saw this on TV last Tuesday night. I was glad the audience and the judges accepted them and cheered them on. A-Yes- from all four judges was good but reality is-they were not the most talented. Very good-Yes-but not a million dollar act.

like always the jelousy from the dethroned queens. lol

Andrew is amaaaazing.....he is soooo humble and works hard in order to be a dancer of a kind as he is.
Jealousy. is not healthy people!!!!!!!

I've met Andrew and John..they are amazing!

That escalated quickly.

If you knew Andrew you'd know he isn't a good human being and by no means should be in any form of news portraying the gay population.

i believe you, he looks like hes a mess and just something else and for those other comments i dont think its bitterness its more like REALNESS

Always an angry ex on the sidelines.

I actually do know Andrew and he is a wonderful person! !!!!!

Most people don't really "know" people and are mistaken by the fact that they have hung out that they think they do. It's the same thing when you see a parent holding a child in a loving manor. It may look cute, but that person probably abuses that child behind closed doors.

Oh shut up! You twisted bitter fairy!

How am I bitter? I just think the media is wasting their time.

Wow! Bitter much? What happened? He wouldn't fuck you? You come off as a bitchy queen

First off, Ew. Secondly, I am not attracted to guys with huge teeth with veneers with huge looney toon ear to ear smiles. 

Well, you certainly have tons to say about him. The old adage comes to mind: "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say nothing at all"

I hope you can recover and move on with your life, because it seems you're putting too much effort on shitting all over someone, instead of just being happy.

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