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Straight Guys Check Out Gay Hook-Up App, Jack'd

Earlier this week we showed you straight men getting their first taste of Grindr.

Well, not to be left out, gay location-based mobile app Jack'd is also giving straight men a glimpse into the world of gay mobile hook-ups and dating!


Who's up next?? Scruff?? Growlr??


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)


The guy with the negative words is just a jerk. He needs to let people be what they are to be. If a guy is gay with some women mannerism, that's him. We cannot dictate how people can or cannot act. Some of the gestures seen is acquired from person to person and association. Not everyone gets it. Still it's not like straight violent guys who would kill one another just because of a provocation of some kind. Let's comment on that, because apparently that is accepted in our society. 

Ugly faggot, looks like a boob instead of a pec.

Why do all you fags have to look like stereo typical fags? No matter how straight you attempt to come off, there is always a give away of your fagness.

"...there is always a give away of your fagness."

Well no shit mensa. The jig is up once my dick is in your mouth. At that point, it's fairly obvious that I'm a "stereo typical" fag. 

It's truly sad you think that way and unlike you I have compassion, I feel sorry for you. Furthermore, I truly believe you're a coward who hides behind a screen name to conceal your own personal flaws.

Well said JayK.

I bet you ask the mirror that same question every morning.

"That's a bingo!"

Why do we "fags" have to put up with idiotic morons like you who use  demoralising words to bring down others, such as the words "fag" and "fagness", we are not all stereotypical just low sad idiots like you think we are. So how about go find out what being a "fag" is about because you may actually learn a thing or two.

You fucking retards hes a troll hes trolling on the Rupaul thing too. WOW

The guy w/ the sunglasses on his head seemed pretty interested, huh? LOL

Try TrannyTracker & BonerBois

Why is it that gay guys nowadays seem to think like this?

  • If you identify as straight, you must be bi
  • If you identify as bi, you must be bi
  • If you identify as gay, you must be gay

I think a lot of it is just wishful thinking. Plus, a lot of straight guys do gay stuff. 

Please straight! !. ..give me a fuckennn. Break.!!

I love how they act like women can't be whores as well lol

The guys on the video have to be into both. If not, they're really just waiting for the right dude to hit on them and off they go into the sunset - at least for the night

Here in México we have a saying, gay until proven straight, this guys looks so gay!

Interesting to note the differences from Grindr's video. The straight guys seemed a lot more focused on the sex rather than any actual relationship or connection which they seemed to pick up on more with Jack'd. 

It is all so confusing what is the diff between Grinder and Jackd & why are we showing to str8 men?

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