Straight Guys Unknowingly Audition For Gay Reality Series, 'Summer Of Love'

Gotta love those Aussies!

Australia's Prank TV Oz successfully tricked some studly Australian straight men into auditioning for the fictional gay reality series Summer of Love!

How far will they go??

Check out the hilarious results!

(H/T: The Gaily Grind)


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People are So Stupid!!!

what I don't like is the straight guys were supposedly TRICKED into playing these roles and not told what they were doing it all for. They were great sports about doing some of this stuff but I don't care for deception of any kind. I wouldn't care if a straight, gay, bi or whatever guy wanted to play the role or apply for those particular roles if he was well informed what he was applying for but this was ridiculous and I hope was just for comedy sake. I know I wouldn't want to go for job application and find out I got the job and it was nothing like I what I had signed up for and this is no different.

I think Matthew is a Pole-Smoker waiting to Happen!!!   Come on out, Matthew,  The air is fine!!!

Matthew doesn't understand the concept of "Prank TV"...of course it was for comedy's's a PRANK!

These worthless fags deserve to be tied down and breed by any ole crooked dicked homeless nigger in LA.

It's "bred."

They weren't even gay and not for nothing but for the right amount of money I would imagine that chick could probably have you doing just about anything.

You're back dear ANONYMOUS!! Better wipe that jizz off your mouth...

Oh Myyyy, someone's projecting their fantasies just a back to the trailer park with you.

Die useless peace of space.

Funny how you just "happened" to be reading a gay magazine and you also had enough time to post something hateful as well. You are such a winner. 

My advice:

If you have nothing positive to say, then it is often best to simply not say anything at all.

Hate much?

ROFL!!!  This is awesome!  Just shows that everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame. 

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so it's ok for a gay guy.. um say like neil patrick harris who is as we all know is gay to play a straight guy, but straight guys audition for a gay part and omg!! it's like they committed a sin or something! well all i can say if you all don't like straight guys trying out for the part... don't watch the freaking show... seems to me your all just jealous that they might play the part better than a gay person. no i don't hate gays, some of my friends are gay and i would do anything in the world for them, just getting tired of certain ones pushing on all of us!!! especially about equal rights to marry, what happened to believing in the bible? like i said i have nothing against gays, what you do with your life is your business, but i don't believe in same sex marriage, that to me is for a man and a women!

Elr, Please tell me you're aware of your blatant contradiction. "What you do with your life is your business, but i don't believe in same sex marriage, that to me is for a man and a women!". So first you say what we do is our business, unless it's marriage, then it's your business all of a sudden. Actually you twat, it's none of your fucking business and it doesn't impact your life or your right to marry a woman at all - what's it got to do with you? Crawl back into the fucking hole you came out of. And if you want to say shit about believing in the Bible, best you follow ALL the instructions to the letter. That means bringing back stoning, not wearing mixed blends of fibres (best you throw out your whole wardrobe), not eating shellfish, selling your daughters into slavery and more. Does that sound good to you? Or have you just ignored those and other bits and decided to be a bigot about a few other bits? A little selective, aren't you? You're a fucking moron.  

why don't you crawl back into the fucking  hole you came out of... just because i don't approve of the life style you faggots live or same sex marriage doesn't make me a bigot! some of my best friends are gay and don't approve of the marriage either, and they sure don't push their lifestyle on anybody. maybe i shouldn't of mention the whole bible... maybe you should read the 10 commandments and refresh your memory... your probably the kind of person that goes to church on sunday morning and sucks and dick sunday night and that makes you a fucking hypocrite!

"just because I don't approve........doesn't make me a bigot."   HAHA   Dude....  That's exactly what the definition of bigot is...   A person that hates or does not accept any members of a  particular group of people. Don't believe me?  Ask Webster's dictionary.   When you use hate speech such as the word Faggot.  (like you did.)  You are clearly displaying hate.  If you don't like your ignorance being pointed out - Don't go to a pro-gay sight and start prattling off like a dip shit.  You sound like a fool.  You've already contradicted yourself, used hate speech, and even miss quoted the bible.  (we'll call it a miss quote even though you did no real quoting of the sort.)    You've proven you are nothing but a troll here.  You can cry how none of this is true.  Call me names.  Have your little cyber space temper tantrum, rant and rave till your fingers fly off.  I'm done feeding trolls tonight.   Just wanted to make sure you know that we all see you. Troll.   we know what you are.   Sad.  Pathetic.   such a shame.   


You are a Bottom waiting to happen. Do yourself a favor and get some lube or spit and make it easy!   We all know you want to!

I love that you make up some scenario, with absolutely no basis in reality, and then call him/her  "hypocrite!" when you made it all up to begin with.  YOU might want to brush up on your 10 commandments because they say nothing about homosexuality or marriage.

More that you could ever find gay men offensive, and let's be clear that we are definitely talking about your feelings on gay MEN and not lesbians because you probably watch some girl on girl porn and that makes you typical...   more than you find gay men repulsive, I find willful ignorance repulsive.  Gay people do not chose to have same-sex attractions, however you DO choose to be spiteful, uninformed, and quite frankly, an a$$. 

You cunt. I'm sure all your gay friends you love so much love being called faggots. Nobody is forcing anything on you. The only forcing is your religious beliefs on other people and their rights.

Spoken like a true bigot

Dumb and stupid, so sick of gay 4 pay or having str8 play gay roles. Better off just watching str8 porn n movies

Except you took the time to watch

Take a breath and breath in. Its NOT all about You! Relax and sit back. Make some popcorn and just watch the show IF however it disturbs you, select one of the other 8,000 channels for your enjoyment. If you have a suggestion write to somebody. Relax and enjoy the show. How does that song go? Ah, "Just Breathe, by Telepopmusic.



Now, I get it. Straight guys are so stupid they don't know they are doing gay4pay sex.

lol I laughed so hard when I read this. A part of me totally agrees. However if i paid you whatever these guys were going to be paid to wear what is deemed as straight clothes, hump a block, and dance around with a blow up doll of a woman you wouldn't do it? I agree with sticking to morals but please that stuff is so petty and meaningless I know I would do it for like $5 or maybe for free if I thought I could get a laugh out of it

Lighten up... It's all just fun! Nobody is being made to do anything they don't want to do! That's the whole point!

Yeah, its not funny-makes Australia looks as backwards as the rest of the world fears it is

The rest of the world DOES NOT think that way about Australia in fact its quit the opposite. Much Love and lighten up a little. Laughter is good for the soul.

The World!

yeah while its funny, the problem is it makes being gay the brunt of the joke.  See you're tricking straight guys into acting gay and being gay is funny... NOT.  i don't have a problem laughing at myself but when the punchline is just the fact of being gay, then it's not funny.

As you should know their are many Straight gay porn stars who just do it for the money so it can be funny people make fun of heterosexual sex they can do the same to gay sex as well

It's not that you can't make fun of gay sex but the point is that they don't know it's for a gay show so the "funny" part is that they are unaware that its gay.  that's my problem with it.  It would be more funny to see how far they are willing to go knowing its for a gay show.  we need to stop making Gay the punchline.

Really? You think they don't know? lol....  Know that's humorous to read. Open a cold one and just take in some fresh air (G). Cheers ..........

far from of it.  They are not making fun of straight sex they are worshipping it and shaming gay sex.  Gay4pay porn is extremely homophobic.


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