'Straight Lives Matter' Protest Rally In Sydney Draws 20 People

Photo: Twitter

What a turnout!

An anti-LGBT group called "Party For Freedom" held a "Straight Lives Matter" protest in Sydney. 

Despite their efforts, the event drew around 20 people, by conservative estimates.



According to the group's Facebook page:

"This rally will give supporters of traditional marriage an opportunity to band together in solidarity and speak out against the proposed legalization of same sex marriage."

Protesters were far outnumbered by counter-protesters, who according to reports, "tried to drown out the speeches with chants and horns," at the rally held just 300 meters away from Sydney's gay neighborhood of Oxford Street.

Said "Straight Lives Matter" protest organizer Nick Folkes:

"Some people have said it's provocative but we're just exercising our democratic right to freedom of speech and freedom of location.

"I have real concerns about not just being about gay marriage, but a much broader agenda.

"We're acting within the boundaries of law. I do believe we've got a right to be there, just as gay people have a right to be anywhere in support of their cause."

Meanwhile, a multi-city "doorknocking" campaign is underwear to encourage Australians to vote in favor of marriage equality.

Said Sydney MP Alex Greenwich:

"Obviously, free speech is critical — what we have clearly seen from the No side is constant attempts to provoke and distract and channel."

He continued:

"If you are on the Yes campaign, I would urge you to channel your frustration into positive action.

"We need to make sure the postal survey reflects the strong support for marriage equality.

"We know that two thirds of Australians support marriage equality.

"To win this, we need to make sure all the supporters return their postal surveys as soon as possible."