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Straight Sports News Anchor Brilliantly Shuts Down Critics Of Michael Sam & Gay Athletes

Dallas sports news anchor Dale Hansen says it like he MEANS it in this excellent "Unplugged" segment on Dallas's WFAA News!

Hansen, who is straight, speaks out passionately in support of Michael Sam and the inclusion of gay players in the NFL. He also lays down some hard truths about what we've deemed "acceptable" in sports, while gay players have been shunned.

It's a must-see. Watch!

Way to go, Dale! What do you think of his comments, Instincters?


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)


Your message is being spread electronically around the world. A message that brings some comfort to those unjustly discriminated against.

This man is a sports commentator in TEXAS? All of a sudden, that state seems a whole lot more civilized and humane than previously imagined. I'm waiting to hear editorials as eloquent, brave, thoughtful and generous from the more 'liberal' states... refreshing to see a man in the public eye speaking honestly, logically and unashamedly of equality.  I take my hat off to you, Sir and salute you.  Thank you.

Dear Dale,

Well spoken! And justly so! Thank you for being the voice of reason. Thank your for holding up a mirror to all those that still think that violence, lies and deceit are more comfortable than two people who love each other. If there would be a price for speaking out against injustice, you would be my favorite!

Than you- Bravo to you!! 

As a gay athlete from jr high then through college I was always an outsider and feared for not being accepted. Mr Dale, thank you for those amazing words not necessarily of support but of acceptance of all mankind. Bravo!


"You damn right I support it.."

We are not free until we are ALL free.

Thank you for sharing it! It is an inspiring attitude, which makes it clear. The sexual identity is a part not to be judged at all! Only cowards fear LGTBI's   and treat them wrong, because of own fears and ignorance...


You (and others) know this isn't about football, even the comments reflect such. The abusive man you alluded to knew he was wrong, proven if only by his denial or financial settlement. Both the drunk driver and drug user admitted their actions to be wrong,expected to be held accountable if repeated. The accused murderer caught flack over his bad(wrong) behavior. Oppressors of the African Americans were proven wrong and changes were made to "correct" that which was able to be corrected. I ask that you Sir -define a MAN, and broadcast whether Michael Sam's manly preference is right or wrong. Not whether he rightly desires, for mentally challenged child-molesters "desire". For if wrong, to believe and openly proclaim such is right. would identify a mental problem. Now give me the stats on Mentally Challenged Pro Football Players?

Mr. Peoples,

That was eloquent and convoluted. I believe the essence was that you were calling homosexuality a mental disorder akin to one which a child-molester might be afflicted with. This is the argument I have every time someone tries to lump gay people in with child molesters, beastiality, people who engage in carnal relations with shrubbery, etc. When 2 consenting gay adults love each other, nobody comes to harm. One is not forcing his or herself on the other as in the example you provided. They are simply people born in to a lifestyle not of their choosing who are trying to find happiness in a world that hasn't always been what one would call sympathetic. I found what you wrote to be well written, which is why I am responding to it. It was above the normal arguments I read on the subject to which I roll my eyes and move on. I was disappointed in the tone in which it ended. However one feels about the act of homosexuality, insinuating that because they are homosexual they are somehow defective as human beings is uncharacteristically cruel and foreign to me as it comes in to direct conflict with the values with which I was raised. As my mother, a supporter of Gay rights and a Christian has always said, "Love the sinner, hate the sin." I love Michael Sam as a co-inhabitant of this world and one of God's children the same as I love you. You asked Dale to define a MAN. I can't speak for him, but I define a MAN as one who treats others with respect, who's lifestyle and choices do not bring others to harm, who provides for himself and those whom he loves, who champions the rights of others, and who actively tries to better the lives of others. A MAN sir is someone who plants a tree, under whose shade he does not expect to sit. Michael Sam has planted his tree. May it shade others who will hopefully be inspired to be themselves, to no longer have to hide who they are, to choose to live as full human beings rather than try to perpetrate a lie to themselves and others for fear that they will be outcasts or worse... compared to child molesters. Because if Michael Sam can do it, maybe they can too.

     Concerning my recent comment on  Dale Hanson’s commentary on the NFL and Michael Sam, never did I or would I attempt to compare a homosexual with a child-molester. Instead of associating a liberty of preference with a twisted perception, try recognizing that both the preference and perception are prompted by inner cravings (however different) –desires.  This sense of motivating quickening is also equally common among inspiring presidents and self proclaiming gods. The former is unquestionably achievable, though because of the latter being considered unattainable, we are left questioning the latter’s motivating source (desire). Though one gender may desire to be of the other gender, such is an impossible transformation regardless the surgery, medication, or individual’s view, leaving most to settle for associated pleasures (happiness). In the case that the entire world embraces such (a lie), it still would never be. Yet to avoid healthy confrontation and the pressures of honorable restraints, many wish that all would just accept things/people as they are. Let me bottom-line this, to see things as they are –no problem; to deal with things as they are –no problem, but we are not to accept everything. A clear truth is that all things that are alive grow and because of the living, things that are dead are daily covered deeper into the ground. The desires of the homosexual have themselves a source, springing from the same source as adulators, thieves, and murderers –of which I too was once counted among. Desires that refuse to be covered up, thus determined to cover up all that opposes. Truth will never be covered, though many have tried. I have and treasure a love for all mankind, regardless of their appearance, position, or preference –none more than those presently close to me professing to be gay –for now. I’m praying for you Michael, that you and others would pursue Peace over happiness. Good job Dale, I can only hope that you were satisfactorily compensated, considering the cost.

Bravo. I do not believe I have heard (read) such a well written and expressed view on the human condition. We all suffer our own prejudices, preferences and preconceived notions of how others should live their lives, as if ours are perfect. If we could all stop mid sentence the next time we hear ourselves saying, " I hate the way people like that...." and hear ourselves, really listening to the things we say to and about others, and try not to finish with the imposing punishment we deem fitting for what they do or say that annoys us so, we might have a chance at being a more accepting, understanding, and loving world. To say that human beings at their very core do not all have that inner goodness is a gross understatement. But for the largest percentage of our flawed selves, I believe it is possible to work on those bad traits, and become better human beings for it. Thank you, and cheers to Michael Sam for striking a blow for all people, gay, straight or whatever your pleasure. 

Our wonderful sports caster ,when we lived in Lewisville.Now I must add AWESOME to his title! Thank you Dale,well said!

Totally unreal! Motivational, and keen to hit the buttons of the modern equality battle that faces the LGBTQ community. !! BRAVO ! FROM IRELAND! 

I am moved and heartened by your unconditional support.  Thank you!

Wow that was simply awesome.I hope the best for him 

fingers crossed that this causes a ground swell of kindness and acceptance through out ALL sports. Most guys are ready to hoot and whistle and a woman but get uncomfortable when the cleat is on the other foot. 

This is awesome.  Made me cry.

Brilliant. Eloquent. Articulate. Wonderful.

Dale, you are my hero...what a wonderful expression  of inclusion and openness which ALL of us need in this world today regardless of our ethnicity, our age, our sex, or our sexual orientation.  KUDOS...I want to hear more of you!!!

I have watched Dale Hansen for years on WFAA in Dallas, you may not always agree with what he says, or his opinions, but he does tell it like it is. And this Unplugged segment, is classic Dale Hansen.

Well said!!!


this guy is brilliant and he nails it.

Well said Dale.  The fact that Michael Sam is going in knowing he will face opposition and is showing strength and class as he does it speaks volumes. Just remember young man, you put yourself in the spotlight and now you have a responsibility to honor that.  Please don't get caught up in a scandal. There are a lot of people out there that would like to see you fail. GOOD LUCK and I'll definitely be watching 

Well said Dale.  The fact that Michael Sam is going in knowing he will face opposition and is showing strength and class as he does it speaks volumes. Just remember young man, you put yourself in the spotlight and now you have a responsibility to honor that.  Please don't get caught up in a scandal. There are a lot of people out there that would like to see you fail. GOOD LUCK and I'll definitely be watching 

It is very nice to see that there are sane and good people out there.  Gives me hope.

In this very "manly" world even.

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