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Student Comes Out As Gay To Class & Friends w/ Spoken Word Poetry

We love stuff like this! Steven James Boyle, a poetry student, came out as gay to his class and other friends and strangers in an awesomely bold moment of spoken word bravery!

He writes on The Gaily Grind:

While I’ve never been afraid of public speaking, the thought of telling a room full of people my innermost thoughts, scared the ever living shit out of me.

In attendance was my poetry class who I had grown to love dearly, but had never alluded to that I was gay. I changed every pronoun before that night, and stayed away from the fact that my muse at the time was a boy who had broken my heart. Also in the audience was everyone who came out to see their friends do poetry, strangers I had never met, and a small group of my own friends who had no idea what I was going to read since I rarely, if ever, shared my writing.

This was my first time ever reading my newest poem at the time, “i hit send, or modern meltdown.”

Check out "I Hit Send, or Modern Meltdown":


Steven calls this "one of the most memorable nights of my life."

What do you think, Instincters?!


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That was wonderful!  I laughed and cried.  What a terrific way to announce to the world that which should not be shameful.

Go figure, an internet troll makes a nasty comment and posts it anonymously.  Coward.

The beauty of this is that Steven James Boyle has shown what courage and love are by being a man and shouting from the tallest virtual mountain, so Mr. Anonymous, crawl back under your rock.  Your words of hate have no power anymore.  Go Steven!

His ass will be rung out and ridden with AIDS by the time this article is yesterdays news.

this is dusgusting 

Loved it.  Funny but from the heart and captured the feeling of confinement prefectly.  Oh, and he's drop dead gorgeous to boot :-)

Good job very nice

Really well written and performed. Bravo!

Good looks, even hotter brain and makes you laugh, guy's the total package. Where do I get me one of those? It was awesome, congrats, Steven James Boyle. I'll look forward to reading what you have to offer.

That was truly inspiring. You got guts. Loved the poetry brother.

Wonderful. Keep writing and performing.

So  amazing!!!! Always be you.....Thathat was  perfect! 

Good for u ... And awesome writing

What a talent,and so very brave and cute,,I wish i could have written a poem like this or been able to come out at twenty,but fear and self loathing kept me bottled up until my late 30s and now at 51 wondering if I will ever find someone or Iff I will live out my life alone

damn the boys cute :D 

You'd really like this buddy:

Awesome you are and BRAVER than I as I am still NOT Totally Out...  Congrats.....

Date me date me! lol

I loved that!

that was one of the best poems I've heard in a long time.congrats to you stevens and you're very attractive too boot

Just amazing

awesome talent and super cute. bam.

So beautiful and brave ! Congrats Steven...

That was amazing. Props to you bro.
That was just perfect.

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