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Students Wear "Gay Is Not OK" T-Shirts On Pro-Gay Day

An Oregon City High School celebrated the Day of Silence, an "LGBTI Day of Awareness," last week, but not all students were willing to step out of ignorance and become aware. In protest, "three or four" seniors wore t-shirts emblazoned with "Gay Is Not Ok" on the one day of the school year meant to honor their LGBT peers. 

School administrators asked the students to remove the shirts or wear them inside out—a scolding that didn't soften the seniors' resolve. "I'm not comfortable with you guys making a whole day about what you believe," one of the students, seemingly unaware that every day of high school is straight awareness and pride day, told the local news. "So if you're going to make a whole day out of it and not talk and a have a 'moment of silence,' then I can wear my t-shirt."

Other seniors wanted to make it clear that out of 2,000 students at the Portland-area school, only a couple chose to don the offensive apparel. 

Head to KATU for the local news video report. 


    I am so done with Christians and Muslims. If god created us then he lies in our humanity and only through our humanity can we learn about god, not from a book written thousands of years ago by disillusioned diseased men.

    Sick of these Christians that keep themselves ignorant, clueless, and who incredibly cast our world into some of the stupidest most retarded turmoil that we would never have  had to face if they weren't here in all their ignorant vain psychotic glory. 

     I wish we could cleanse this world of all the christians and muslims, but someone had to go off and make that idea unpopular, didn't they? Thanks Hitler!

These boys are soooo not-gay, that they'll spend their hard-earned money on a custom t-shirt that says how not-gay they are. How did they conclude this? They concluded this by studying gay sex on the internet. Sweaty, manly gay sex. For hours. And nope, it's not for them. So they decided to do what people do whey they "don't" agree with something, go get a custom t-shirt to tell everyone how much they don't agree with gay sex. 

Makes total sense.

I didn't think there was any way to literally highlight closeted gay men. But these kids have done it. 

Until such a time that LGBT individuals have equal rights, (in relationships, work and school,) there will be the few that will come right out and say how much they hate gay people.   I have had that happen to me at my former job on more than one occasion.   My opinion on how to handle it is patience.

Until we have a legal leg to stand on, all the finger-pointing in the world is not going to change a thing.   The tide is turning in our direction...we just need to wait it out.   Once the law is on our side, we can DEMAND respect under the law and get it, (at least to our faces.)

I'm not sure it qualifies as protest or hate.  I don't agree with any type of hate, and those shirts and their attitude aren't about equality, people.  Don't miss read what they are saying as a rite, it's hate.

To all on this thread talking about having a right to peaceful protest, I agree to a point. Peaceful protest is one's right, however, what if we were to replace the word 'gay' with 'blacks' (or worse yet 'the-n-word') or 'Muslim' or 'Hindu' or 'Mexican' or 'Native American Indian' Or 'Amish' or whatever group these 'peaceful protesters' are trying to rally against?  

To me they are protesting something that is designed to foster tolerance and harmony.  It's a shame to hear the young teens say, 'they don't agree with gay"; it's akin to saying, "I don't agree with you being left handed. Ya know? 'Cause of my religion".

Sorry but here is where I disagree: Gay bullying needs to be squelched/stomped out by any means necessary. I have a take no prisoners attitude when it comes to putting out the fires of hate and bullying.

And the way to end wars is with war and the way to end murders is capital punishment.  I don't see that as a solution.  The backlash from "their" side will be given flight by our own insensitive intolerance.

Sounds good on paper and in a philosophy class. What is the solution?

I don't think there is any one fail-safe real solution.  I like how Mike Magee responded to the homophobic slur he received with a "Love is Louder" tweet.  It's trial and error at this point.

I agree we need to be mindful of our approach when dealing with naysayers like these; they are just waiting to show how "persecuted" they are for their "faith" by us being outraged by their gaul to wear such shirts.  

Bear in mind we have reached a point where we have a love tolerance for racism to the point where we would not tolerate a Clansman for exercising his right to wear a "No-Blacks" shirt.  While it may be his right, we all have low tolerance for hate like that, and as a result, they feel backlash from the court of public opinion. 

You are right in that there is 'no silver bullet answer' to this but something ought to be done so as not to give these bullies credence in their feeling that being gay is not ok. 

I meant to say 'low tolerance'!! :-) said it better than I did.  totally agree.

I just hope the school shuns them for their horrible outlook on life. ANYONE who is against equality is someone who should not be in public.

I agree 100% that they should be allowed to peaceably protest.  One thing that is becoming detrimental to "our" movement is the absolutely intolerance or a different opinion.  We, along with our media allies, squash other opinions without discussion or education.  I believe that is setting our movement back. 

That being said, they could have used an GLBT teen in the fit, form and function of those shirts.  They are U-G-L-Y!

I see no need or reason to tolerate hate, and let's be clear here: those shirts are about nothing more. 

I agree they have the right to protest peacefully. The t shirts are not harmful


I think they should have a right to peaceful protest, its something our country was built on.  Obviously, I don't agree with their feelings, but I do think if they want to wear a non-offensive tee shirt to voice their feelings, that should be allowed.  Conversely, if other kids want to wear non-offensive tee's or clothing that promote acceptance of the LGBT community, that should equally be allowed.

Just wear a shirt that says "religion is not ok" or "christians are not of ok" or "there is no greater evil than religion" the list is endless, but don't forget the same can be applied to gay.

wake the fuck up.  It's hate.

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