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Study: Actual Penis Size Doesn't Really Affect Male Confidence

How we think men feel about penis size is so embedded in popular culture that a Lamborghini can rarely drive by fast enough to evade the ensuing punch line. But new research out of King's College in London reveals that actual size might have nothing to do with whether or not a man feel's "penis shame."

Some well-endowed men feel shameful and dissatisfied in relation to their size, while others with others who are smaller than average express genuine confidence and satisfaction, according to the study. "It's an emotional feeling" not based whatsoever on a measuring tape, says the study's lead author David Veale. 

Huffpo has more:

To reach their findings, researchers recruited 173 men online and at the university to answer a battery of questions about body image, erectile function, and other concerns about their sexual parts, LiveScience reports. In addition, 46 men agreed to having their penises measured in both flaccid and erect states.

Results showed that 30 percent of the subjects reported dissatisfaction with their genitals, with only 35 percent saying that they were very happy with their penis size. Older men and gay and bisexual men reported higher levels of anxiety regarding their penis size, the findings showed.

LiveScience added that "big or small didn't matter as much as the fears men carried in their heads." Veale said: "Quite a few of them have been teased about their size either by an ex-partner or in the showers as an adolescent."

So, though one can still landscape the bush to provide an illusion of size, it seems the grass might not be as greener on the other side as folks imagine. 





io sono un grande intenditore di pene io trovo più gusto vederlo super dotato

As studies go, this is hardly groundbreaking.  We've known for ever that it isn't simply men with small penises = lacking in confidence.  It's a perception issue, and it happens to men of all sizes.  If this helps to breakdown the stereotypes though then it's not a bad thing.  The presumption that "big" brings confidence creates way more problems than actual size because people are ridiculously unaware of what the average penis size is in their country.

OK guys, pull your pants down and let ME be the judge of that! 

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