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Study Discovers What Personality Trait Is Related To Nail Biting!

Are Those Who Bite Their Nails Nervous Wrecks?

If I had a dollar for every time one my mother or one of my friends have scolded me for nail biting, I would be writing this was a luxurious couch. I would be so wealthy, I don’t even think I’d remove the plastic from the couch. I’m talking filthy rich. I was one of those people walking around with nubs as fingers, it was gross. My nail beds would be bloody as hell, my fingers were constantly in my mouth, and I would be walking around like a complete mess.

This is not turning into branded content, but if it wasn’t for Bite It, I would still have bloody hands. It’s this serum that was referred to me by an old boss four years ago. You put the serum on your nails. When you go to bite your nails, you receive this taste of gunk and it’s absolute hell. The only solution to make you feel like you haven’t just tasted poison is to drink milk. I am lactose intolerant. It was an mess. I stopped biting my nails in less than two weeks. Now, my nails are so hard I believe they’d break if I bit into them. One of my favorite hobbies is to get manicures with my girlfriends and the like. I love having nails…especially tapping them on a marble countertop. Bliss!

During my late nights of researching the dark corners of the internet, I came across a study done on nail biting. I always related nail biting to nerves and anxiety, but turns out I’m wrong.

According to Scientific American, Nail biters, former and current, are perfectionists!

“Many people think of nail biting as a nervous habit, but the driving force may not be anxiety. Mounting evidence shows that people who compulsively bite their nails, pick their skin or pull their hair are often perfectionists, and their actions may help soothe boredom, irritation and dissatisfaction. A new study adds evidence to a theory that perfectionism rather than anxiety is at the root of these behaviors. The researchers first surveyed 48 participants, half of whom had these disorders and half of whom did not, on their organizational behavior and ability to regulate their emotions. Those with the disorders scored as organizational perfectionists, indicating a tendency to over plan, overwork themselves and get frustrated quickly without high levels of activity.”

Well, there we have it! Don’t disgrace your nail biting friend just because their body is a work of art! I’m half teasing, nail biting is rather gross and shouldn’t be encouraged. But, I’m thrilled to know after all these years I’m not as crazy as I was told!

Do you have a nail biting friend? Do you holler at them to stop? Are they a perfectionist?!



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