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Study Finds Gay Dads Exhibit Brain Activity Of Mothers & Fathers

Researchers have determined that having a baby alters the brain activity of new mothers, with their brains becoming hyper-reactive to the emotional cues and cries of their baby. 

The study also finds increased brain activity with heterosexual fathers, specifically noting increased activity in the cognitive circuits, which interpret baby cries and nonverbal cues; these cues effectively tell fathers when a baby needs to be changed, etc. 

Interestingly, the study finds that gay men that adopt babies via surrogacy exhibit brain activity of both new mothers and heterosexual fathers. 

From Reuters

The 48 gay fathers raising children with their husbands seemed to be both mom and dad, brain-wise. Their emotional circuits were as active as those of mothers and the interpretive circuits showed the same extra activity as that of heterosexual fathers'.

Ideally, scientists would perform neuroimaging on men and women before and then after they became parents, to show definitely that any heightened activity followed junior's arrival and was not present before. Until they can do that, Feldman said, she is confident that the telltale brain activity results from parenting.

One clue: in gay fathers, but not heterosexual ones, the brain also had extra communication lines between emotional and cognitive structures. The more time a man spent as primary caregiver, the greater the connectivity. It was as if playing both parental roles caused the brain to integrate the structures required for each.

"Fathers' brains are very plastic," Feldman said. "When there are two fathers, their brains must recruit both networks, the emotional and cognitive, for optimal parenting."

The study is published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and was conducted in Israel. It was led by neuropsychologist Ruth Feldman of Bar-Ilan University and others.

What do you think of the study's findings, Instincters? Are gay dads the best of both worlds??


Interesting article. Brain imaging is certainly being put to more and more uses in the scientific community to unlock secrets regarding human behaviour patterns and I hope they can study this further. I wonder if they'll also study households where the mother works and the father stays home as the primary care giver, to get a broader view.

This is unscientific & just plain stupid. You gays will try to convince yourselves of ANYTHING to try to make yourselves look better than the rest. HOGWASH! 

You're no better than anyone else so get over your primadonna selves! You all need to grow up before you start having kids!

With all due respect, the conclusions sound like a lot of wishful thinking. Sorry.

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I agri bcz I m gay and.i havr 2 kids

Gay dads are the best! Because of our special nature we have evolved to fulfill both roles if and when needed. It's almost as if the child has 2 moms and dads. The gay dad's brain knows instinctively which set of emotional responses are needed, whereas the straight Republican father gets a fail in all aspects of parenting. (No brain, no strain).

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