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Study Finds Hollywood LGBT Actors Still Face Workplace Bias & Discrimination

While it appears that we're seeing progress in the amount of LGBT representation that we're seeing in film and television--and let's be honest, mostly television--a study conducted by the UCLA based Williams Institute think tank, which specializes in "sexual orientation, gender identity, and public policy" reveals that LGBT discrimination still exists behind-the-scenes in Hollywood.

The study was commissioned by the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG/AFTRA) and consisted of 5,692 participants, including 465 participants who identified as gay men, 61 as lesbians, and seven as transgender. 301 men and women identified themselves as bisexual.

The Associated Press reports on the study, saying: 

"It found that more than half of the actors who identify as gay, bisexual and transgender think directors and producers are biased against them.

More than one-third of the actors who don't fall into those categories agreed with that perception.

Only 16 percent of the gay, bisexual and transgender respondents, however, said they had experienced discrimination. Gay men reported the most, with about one-fifth saying they had been discriminated against.

The online survey of nearly 5,700 SAG/AFTRA members also found that more than half of the gay, transgender and bisexual respondents had heard producers and directors make anti-gay comments while working on-set.

The survey also revealed that despite concerns about being typecast, two-thirds of the gay actors who had played gay characters felt that it had not harmed their  careers  or limited the roles they were offered. Nine percent of the gay men and lesbians said they had been turned down for roles during the past five years because of their sexual orientations."

What's your reaction to the study's findings, Instincters?


I'm only surprised at the younger gays who do not think it exists.

One word:  "Duh!"

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