Study Reveals: Do You Masturbate More Than Normal?

With pornography and mobile apps readily at our fingertips (not to mention good ol' imagination!) it wouldn't come as any surprise to hear that men and women are masturbating more than ever. 

But are they? And for those that are--what amount of masturbation is normal??

FiveThirtyEight produced graphics from a study by the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior. This chart reveals the percentages of men and women, by age, that say they have previously masturbated alone:


More telling (assuming those questioned are telling the truth) is this chart that explores the frequency of masturbation among men and women of varying age groups:

Where do you fall on the scale, Instincters? (There's no shame in trying to understand the touch of your hand!) 


(H/T: Wicked Gay Blog)


sorry 43%

1 i am gay and masturbate twice a week for release also use sex toys during this time because my Bf is out of town 2 not all straight men practice safe sex and yes hetro sex accounts for 57%of sti and std but this means as a gay community we are all still responsible for reducing the 47% by using condoms and by getting tested and choosing safer sex practices 3 if we are to castrate gay males then straight males should also be castrated and we should castrate all ignorant, sexist,racist males as well  

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Hi everyone and thank you for making me feel better, i do it like 3-4 times a week and i used to think that was too much xD anyways i like to do it and i think it's better with some help xD so if you're intrested add me on skype aronht20 i hope you guys add me i really like having fun (:

I love to play with it. I'm 52 and the only problem is that I have Multiple Sclerosis and because of the meds I have to take I can no longer achieve orgasm. I still get horny as all hell and can feel some pleasure. Just no more ultimate end. So I just edge for a few hours. I think that those #'s may be off too. When I started at 12 thru my 30's I jacked off at least a minimum of twice a day.

Hey if you want to intensify your orgasm try this. If you kickoff stroking the whole penis try this. Use two fingers and massage just under the head of your penis. When your ready to blow it may feel like you have to pee. But no you are getting ready to cum. And believe me when I say it is really intense. Since I changed to this technique my orgasms have intensify big time. Before I would never shoot. But now I do. Please let me know how or if you don't like it. But I think you will. :) :) :) :)

When I was in my 30s and 40s I jacked off most mornings and evenings.  When I was younger I jacked off a lot more often but I was limited by how frequently I could get privacy.  Now I'm 66 and things have changed.  I am a diabetic with neuropathy, taking a slew of meds, and had a small stroke about 10 years ago.  I also have to take Testosterone shots every other week.  These days my libido is still low and I can't get an erection even with Cialis.  I get pretty frustrated because I can cum so rarely.  When I have an urge to jack off, which is very rare, I get almost to the point of coming and then it's over and the training.  I have a husband and while our coupling is rare, we engage in mutual masturbation and occasional oral but rarely.  I will that Saturday I cake in the first time in months and it was memorable.  Hubby finally resorted to a vibrator and that took me over the edge.  Back to the main point, I masturbate maybe once every couple of weeks.  I envy you guys.

I think the cause of my not being being able to cum but reaching only to the edge of ejaculation is biological.  I saw a urologist because I had trouble peeing. After several tests and exams he said that my urethra is bent and constricted.  Consequently, when I am ready to pee I have to push for 10-20 seconds before the flow starts.  Maybe if I concentrate longer and deeper when I am ready to cum, I actually will.

I've got MS and I have he same hardon and I can't ejaculate. I'm going to try the vibrator because I'm horny all the time and jack off for hours at least 4 times a week....thank you for passing on the tip! 

I'm a girl. My boyfriend told me he does it better himself. LOL. I wasn't even offended. One less thing I have to do for him in bed. Jerking a guy off gets boring after about a minute.

I don't need to wank that much. My gf does it for me, and the wanking!! At the most about 10 times a week. I love her strong hands on my shaft!!

it is different for everyone , i think everyone has a different drive , so .. for me in my teens it was like once or twice a week , i could not understand those who said they did it every day , i never had the desire to that degree .. but i can see where some would do it everyday . I tried a couple of times doing it twice in one day , i just had a hard time getting off the second time , and if i did , it was not as pleasurable the second time around , was more like work , lol ... . Maybe the amount of sperm some guys generate is different as well , not sure , but was never a real need with me to cum twice in one day or more than twice in a week .

Do your partners know that you jerk off? Or is that something you keep private? I don't want them to think that they are not satisfying my needs. Do you guys tell your boyfriends?

i read that as parents at first lol. according to these numbers if they are offended they are hypocrites. i think sexuality and openness should be forefront and as much as i want to be involved in the process, i get the need for a release

What about 2 time everyday?

Thank God for these comments here!  I was beginning to feel like a pervert.  On average I'm about 1x/2x a day, maybe 3x if I'm really randy (or it's summer).  I thought it was just from working out all the time.  And yes, I have a bf.

1-2 times a day on average. Part of my nightly routine before falling asleep. Have trouble sleeping without jerking off now! I am 27. 

I'm sorry but those numbers are not accurate. Those guys lies. Teenage boys masturbate multiple times a day or at least daily. As well as men in their 20's. Yes even when we have a bf/gf we masturbate. I just started slowing down in my 30's. I'm a scorpio do that might be why mine last longer but still 

I used to see how many times a day I could. 

Mine was 6, but truly to enjoy it it would be couple times a day at most 

Totally agree with you. About the only time I've stopped doing it daily is my current BF, who has a similar drive of having sex at least a couple times a day, so i've don't have as much time for it. lol!

What did you old timers do before internet porn? Sneak into those raunchy xxx bookstores dressed in cognito? I'm being serious. What a great time we're living in. Porn on the go, right to our phones!

I never went to a porn store when I was young.  I had a vivid imagination and it was all I needed.

i am 25 and wish i had sex in 1970s....the classic porn so you don't have to werk at like you want sex it you want desert yum so good...but too much desert you puke.  to much you know.

why ?suddenly all old pple, were ashamed of their sex lives, of course they didnt all sneak in, they prob had more fun anyways, all those pple in the sexshop, or porno theater, meet n up with other pple right in the store

u mean all them people with diseases and disgusting  std's ??? lol

1 or 2 times a day.

anyone  here who wants to jack off with me on skype? here is my id. jettykofa, you can also pm me on and +639083576118

There was a time where I didn't need to masturbate, because I would just get laid. As those times past, I didn't masturbate more than once every 3 months because I wasn't used to it. Now I masturbate 4+ times a week. Not that I can't still get laid, but the excitement of my youth has passed me and I am too old to deal with one night stands. Jerking off is alot easier than going out, finding someone, getting laid, and worrying about your health afterwards. 

Gays should have their cocks snipped off with gardening pruners. This would cure A TON of AIDS and other stds.

FUCK YOU. YOU Must of had a bad date with a man. Don't judge it by just one Mr Closet Case.

Go to hell you bitch your just a fucking homophobe bitch

You should shove pruners up your nose and swirl!!! 

gays? the penis and clit r the same organ, its HIV, not AIDS and STI's not stds, stupid!

I don't usually comment, but STI's and STD's are two separate things.  STI means sexually transmitted infection, such as gonorrhea was can be cured and is caused by bacteria.  A STD is a sexually transmitted disease, such as HIV, AIDS and Herpes which cannot be cured and are caused by a virus.  Also FYI...AIDS is the disease caused by HIV.  And lastly the penis and the clit are NOT the same organ...The clit is the female sex organ that controls orgasms and the prostate is the male sex organ that controls orgasms.  While I agree with your sentiment, you really should check your facts before making comments online.  Just saying!!!

How would it cure aids and just made yourself sound like a total idiot. You should not be allowed to breed maybe that would cure a lot of stupidity and ignorance. Fucking dipshit

Anonymous posts. Nasty words. U do know some of us gays are redneck. I'm pretty big and I'm pretty bad. Shame nobody can post where they are to get their head smashed in 

That's the most pathetic comment anyone has made you stupid gays do use condoms.....pathetic waste of a human

For you come out that comment makes you a stuck up homophobic bigot who obviously can't get someone for themselves so has to take it out on everyone else. 

Also as to the whole aids and std's, there have been studies done showing that at least 57% of cases of known HIV and Aids are in straight people because of this whole attitude to it the whole "I'm straight I won't catch a thing, because I'm normal I'm not a fag" crap. Also as for STD's anyone including you can contract them you moron

Get a life

Fuck you cunt. Who do you think you are and secondly no gay person including myself will take this type of shit from people like you anymore. What happens in my life and private life is fuck all of your concern. I hope that you produce a gay child and then lets hear your song again. You are a fucking parasite. Get a fucking life and stay out of others seeing that you have nothing better to do.

Oh really!! So-called "heterosexuals" account for the same rate of STD's per capita as "gays." Besides, what are you doing hanging out on this website anyway?

I'm 34 & I haven't had a wank in 2 months! 

Maybe you should! :)

Just once a day

I love my cock... I say hi to it often...these stats are inaccurate...or are all of us perverts? lol

Jess, to bad you can't your hot cock on here =) 

A healthy release is ONCE a day! Duh.

If ya''all are jerkin' off all day and night, how do you have time to do anything else? I would never get anything done if I was spankin' the monkey as much as you all do. My hats off to you gentleman!

I am 52 years old and I masturbate at least twice when I wake up and 2-3 times after I get home from work, It seems like my sex drive is getting higher as I am getting older. LOVIN IT!!!!!     P.S. We won't get to the actual sex I get to have....A LOT!!!!

Me same also 2 or 3 time Daily !! If horn

Let me know if anyone needs a hand on jerking off their penises. Lol. 27 years old guy here. Hehehehehe

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Hahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaah

I'm good for about 4 times jerkin' it a day.  On a slow day, maybe 2.  If I don't, I will go cray cray.

me too.  once as i wake up....once in the washroom at the office.....once after i workout at the gym......and then once before i go to sleep.  a perfect day.

I usually do 2-3 in the morning and a few a night. I find it makes me shoot further in the hubby ;-)

2-3 times a day, 49 years old here and I have a partner. 

How in the world do you guys find the time to jerk off 5 to 6 times a day? If you do it in the morning before you shower then ok, thats one. After work thats two and once before bed, thats 3. OK thats cool, but if you're off work, how in the world you jerk off and nut 5 to 6 times you have nothing left.
Hell my dick would be raw jerking off that many times in a day.
I jerk off about 2 a day but its not every day. To be honest I'm a very horny guy, but I rather be with someone and fuck and suck when Im with them. Im single and 34 and I live in Greenwood, SC.
Plus when I do it, I skype. I love to watch someone else jerk their own cock. major turn on. ;-)

niceguy33sc at

I think the email add ain't right. Tried searching for you on skype but you ain't there

u guys are awesome...let me know if you need help... hehe... :))

you should let your skype xD 

I wouldn't mind some help ;)

I masterbate two to three times daily

what?!! OMG... u must be very active guy... :)

I do it daily maybe two three times daily 35 here

24 hours in a day.

I do it every 2 hours.

If my math is correct, I do it 12 x  per day.

I am glad you liked the story Instinct, we love you guys over here at Wicked Gay Blog!

We tipped the scale on this chart, sadly we apparently masturbate way too much!!!


In Pride,

Dave, WGB

How does anyone find the time to j/o 5 times/day? Doesn't your wrist get sore? And at work, really?

Once a day, an orgasm is the kick start to my day.

At least twice a day. And Im 34 and single.

I beat off, jerk off, jack off, whatever, 3 to 4 times a day most days, sometimes more. 68 Y/O into younger adult men, living in Georgia, USA.

Hearing about all these guys rubbing on there dicks is making me real horny... Gotta go

The figures in both charts seem on the low side - especially for the teenagers.  In the second chart there isn't even an entry for daily masturbation.

The stats can't be right, I'm 34 and it's 2 times a day every day or i start bumping into wall.just sayn



I knock out 4x per day on a working day, and at least 12x per day on weekends and vacations. I'm 51.

ummm i just asked three of my friends in their 30s and 40s and every guy jerks it at least once a day - but on average twice  a day.  these numbers seem low.  maybe gay men are more horny than straight men.  

at least twice a day.  tumblr is awesome for porn.

At least once a day... No more than twice though. I'm 20

3 to 4 times a day. When I have no partner, 68 Y/O living in Georgia, USA.

Once every morning and once every night ... age 64

I masturbate at least 5x a day. Before work, at work, after work, in public. Anywhere really. I love my dick. 

I do not feel so bad now...I mean some of you guys and ladies get it in...but I only do it once a night, 7 days a I still feel a little embarrassed about doing it...any advice on how I can get over the shame....js!!!

I do it at least once a day n I'm 60 n single!!

I do it 3 or 4 times a week and I thought it was too much lol. I'm 26. 

Same here...

At least 3 times a day.......

Im a 25 year old native male, bi, and i masterbater about 6-10 times a day. 

Your DHT levels must be extremely high, orgasms are wonderful, however you should limit your left to once a day or even every other day. Over ejaculating is what causes the DHT levels and those high DHT levels can cause balding, acne and many other problems. It it most definitely worth looking into. Are you also having intercourse - if so - how often? 

3 to 4 times a day, when I am without a partner. 68 Y/O


Thank you guys for making me feel a little bit better because at 45 I cant keep my hands off this dick .. I admit I'm addicted but I guess if there is an addiction to have this is one of the safest and most rewarding :-)

Oh, and about those numbers, who in the world did they ask...  Haven't touched it in a year ..  Geez, I'm not the one that needs help, they do!!!   LOL

At least 3-4 times. Sometimes back to back! What can I say?

This study has to be off base only 67% of 14-15 year have jacked off. I was doing 4-5 times a day. I am 38 and still do it daily if not more depends on whether had sex or not.

I'm 43 and I beat it at least once a day maybe more if I feel the urge.  Great feeling.

Well I'm 40 and I do it once a day at least.

I masterbate whenever I know i'm not going to be doing anything important and boy does it feel good but admittedly ive had some times where i might if done it too much and got testicular pain so i dont know whats too much or too little?

any advice?

I feel sick if I can't masturbate.....At least 3x a day if I don't get actual sex. 34 years old

Once on the morning and once before bed. Everynow and then I'll rub one out at work or after getting home from work. Age 32 single.

Ummm 5 to 6 times a day 33yr

Really? Where do you find the time?


WOHA! and here I was feeling like a pervert just because I masturbate once a day, thanks for not making me feel bad and I guess I'll lower the intensity at some point taking to account that I am only 18 

Dude, I'm old enough to be your father and I do it at least 3 times a day. When I was your age, I would lose count.....LOL

At least 4 times a week and I'm OVER 50 :)


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