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Study Reveals Kids w/ Gay Parents Healthier & Happier Than Their Peers

Findings from a recent study out of Australia reveals that the children of gay parents actually have better health and wellbeing than their peers!​

From The Huffington Post

Conducted by Australia's University of Melbourne, the new research aimed to "describe the physical, mental and social wellbeing" of children with gay and lesbian parents, and "the impact that stigma has on them." On average, children raised by same-sex couples scored six percent higher than the general population when it came to general health and family cohesion.

Meanwhile, in other categories -- such as behavior, mental health and self-esteem -- those children reportedly scored the same as those raised by heterosexual parents.

"It appears that same-sex parent families get along well and this has a positive impact on health," Dr. Simon Crouch from the Jack Brockhoff Child Health and Wellbeing Program, Centre for Health Equity at the University of Melbourne, told CNBC of the results.

Crouch believes that an emphasis on skills, as opposed to traditional gender roles, accounted for the survey's results.

"So what this means is that people take on roles that are suited to their skill sets rather than falling into those gender stereotypes," he is quoted as saying. "Whatthis leads to is a more harmonious family unit and therefore feeding on to better health and wellbeing."

You can read more about the new research here.

The study was made up of 500 children and included 315 parents in same-sex relationships. 

Thoughts on the findings, Instincters?


"Journalism" has hit a new low when one publication's article is entirely composed of sections of another publication's article!

Couldn't the author read the study himself and write a narrative instead of copying & pasting the HuffPo?! 


For a study like this to be valid, you would need more traditional mother/father families in the study.  Since more than half are same sex couples with children, it would be disastrous if children of same sex families did not fare better.

I don't think your response is valid either, not to be rude. It says 315 parents (individuals not couples) with 500 children and if the case is only children then that would be 1000 parents. Meaning a smaller percentage. .. I'm just saying we don't know what the exact percentage of the different families.

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