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Study Reveals Short Men Have More Sex

Short guys have more sex?

That's what was revealed in a new study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine. The study found that "Coital frequency was higher among men with a height of less than 175 cm (2.69 ± 1.24)." 

Meaning those with a height of less than 5 feet and 9 inches are having more sex. 

According to the Journal:

Data for 531 heterosexual men aged 20-54 years were collected in three andrological centers. Past and recent morbidity, medications, and some lifestyle elements were recorded; anthropometric parameters were measured; and andrological examination was performed. The average weekly number of intercourses was asked confidentially.

"Coital frequency" was also found to be higher among men who weighed less than 172 pounds, had no metabolic disease, and had a normal body-mass index.

Lower sexual activity was also found among men with wider waists. 

So apparently the take away is if you're short(ish) and fit, you've got the golden ticket??


(H/T: NNNext/ Discovery Magazine)



Maybe because they look bigger down there... or the reason is that most women are short. but it is a study about straights right?

Scientists can't be trusted to interpret data when it relates to emotions or sexuality and this proves it

Short men don't have sex more often, they GET sex more often because they are more attractive. They needed to ask about masturbation in order to draw the conclusion that short men are oversexed compared to taller men.

Short people are the size humans are supposed to be and they are better proportioned. Tall people have longer torsos, like Matthew McConaughey, or a regular torso and long arms and legs. We talls are disproportionate, and thus less attractive than our shorter cousins, due to a combination of genetic mixing and hormones in our food and drinking water.

Anatomy is destiny.

I'm 5'6, cute, 140lbs; who wants this ;)

I have met a few gay midgets in my day and yes they do seemingly have a high sex drive. They put up a front, as they are trying to make up for their shortness. If you will notice they rarely ever cum, as again this is a front to attempt to make up for their shortness. Everyone just overlooks shorties, and for good reason, they are useless.

Who the hell thinks of these studies? Is there nothing relevant to worry about? Worse yet who pays for these studies?

531 straight guys are not enough participants to gain a truly objective thesis in any study...  But I've known a lot of slutty short guys lol

considering most guys r that short it makes sense .

Being tall must suck for me I'm 6ft8

I honestly never thought about it. I'm 6' and have always had a lot of fun with shorter guys. Of course, I always had a lot of fun with tall guys too. Shorter guys have more enthusiasm. Taller guys have more swagger. I spose I just like all heights.

And men with smaller penises drive nicer cars


This is absolutely true, I can verify as a shorter in shape dude. Although being muscular I'm heavier than the articles limitations state. 

Personally, shorter men drive me absolutely, wildly insane ;)

I get laud all the time I'm more then certain girls beg me and I'm 6 foot 1 and weigh 195

@tucker it says men shorter than 5'9 are having more sex.

Yes! I was wondering why i had a more than healthy sexual appitite.

U want my number? ;)

So Josh has had more sex than Thor's Bro?

Short guys with nice asses can be used as sex toys .


Men of a typical size and normal body mass have more sex than those who are thicker in the waist? SHOCKING.

So I have to be short and have a nice ass to get some action... LOL

Wanna be shorter? Lay down in bed. I'll give you some action alright ;)

Um, that's average height in the US (5' 10") 5' 6" or less is short. 

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