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Study: Steroid Use Much Higher Among Gay & Bisexual Teens

A new study released in the journal Pediatrics Monday provides an unprecedented peek inside the lives of gay and bisexual male teens. According to researchers, this segment of the teen population uses steroids at rates up to six times higher than their heterosexual peers. 

The numbers revealed in the study:

  • 21 percent of gay or bisexual boys admit to steroid use, compared to 4 percent of the straight boys involved in the survey
  • 8 percent of G/B boys report moderate steroid use (pills or injections up to 40 times), in contrast to 2 percent of heterosexual male teens
  • 4 percent of gay or bi boys admit heavy use (40 or more steroid pills or injections taken), while only 1 percent of straight boys report the same

Researchers speculate that increased pressure to attain a physique ideal amongst gay and bisexual teens might be to blame, but have also tossed around the idea that boys are bulking up to deal with bullies. 

Unfortunately, the biggest revelation of the landmark study is that we now know outreach and further research on this particular issue is absolutely necessary. "Given the dramatic disparity ... it would seem that this is a population in which greater attention is needed," the authors said.

(Via Seattle Times)


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This article is full of shit and that study was debunked.

It's been said there are lies, damn lies, and statistics. I wonder if we can read too much into these stats, I'm not sure I'd buy the bullying theory, but would agree with the perfect physique theory. I also think there is more pressure to be "good looking" among gay males than their straight counterparts, however this is not just a LGBT issue than a societal one. A friend of mine has a teenaged son who wanted to remove unwanted hair and used a hair removal product which caused a severe rash. It was to remove what sounded like a happy trail and he claimed it would make him look better. When I was in high school, I can't imagine removing body hair. Also, think about how much boys spend on hair products, body spray, etc. There is too much of a focus on looks these days. We recognize it with girls but often forget the boys, but while the problems with looks and physique can be identified, what do we do? Also as I write this, I am sure that if a muscular model with no chest hair wearing nothing but a Speedo was used in an advertisement, I wouldn't begin thinking about the message being sent to young gay or bi  teens.

I think it's because gay men want to look unrealistic and maybe perfect. But as a young gay man I obsessed about my boy (Too).

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