Super Hottie Sean Zevran Used to be a Skater Boy and His Fans are Freaking Out

Popular gay porn star Sean Zevran is known for his insanely chiseled features as well as what he's packing both in the front and in the back, but little did any of his fans know that he could've easily been cast as Avril Lavigne's love interest in the video for "Sk8er Boi" back in the day.

The super hunky Sean, who just won Performer of the Year at the 2018 GayVN Awards (he won POTY at the 2017 XBiz Awards) just shared an incredible throwback photo of him back in the day that looks little to nothing like how he is now.



Can you guess who this is?

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He captioned the pic with "Can you guess who this is?" The photo has Sean wearing all the emo things you could potentially find on someone back in the mid 2000's, including the chain, massively baggy pants and a long shirt under a short shirt that screams something along the lines of "My Chemical Fall Out Panic at the Disco" realness.

His followers absolutely loved it, saying things like "Look at those goth parachute pants. We would have been good friends even then" and "Dang that took me waaay back!!"

Although his face looks similar, the body, clearly, does not.  Thanks for the great TBT, Sean.  Rock on.