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Superfruit Releases Video for 'GUY.exe' We Want In!

We need to break down and buy the Superfruit abum - Future Friends.  Every song we've caressed our ears with has been an aural love affair.

What is better than making our ears bleed joy has been the visual pleasure the group has been giving us, piece-by-piece, video by video.

The eye candy that has been fed to us now is the video for "GUY.exe" from Future Friends.  We're gonna go with it being a combination of Rocky Horror Picture Show, Weird Science, and Frankenstein. Just in time for Halloween.




If it were only that simple. Simple in wishing for a guy the mad scientist could desire to be with.  Ain't we all?  But alas we don't have a sci-fi lab or a great singing career to make that happen.

Thanks Superfruit for being super, fruity, and entertaining.

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