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Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Virginia AG's Appeal To Reinstate Anti-Sodomy Law

The U.S. Supreme Court basically just told Virginia Attorney General (and gubernatorial candidate) Ken Cuccinelli to sashay away now that they've shot down his request that the Court hear an appeal on a lower court decision that strikes down Virginia's anti-sodomy law. (That ruling was line with the Supreme Court's decision in Lawrence vs. Texas, which struck down anti-sodomy laws.)

Cuccinelli, who's been very vocal in his opposition to homosexuality, has tried to argue that his desire to reinstate the law banning oral and anal sex had nothing to do with his feelings towards the gays, but nobody's buying that. 

He says in a statement following the Supreme Court's decision: . 

This case was about using a law that has been repeatedly upheld by Virginia courts to protect a minor from a 47 year-old repeat sexual predator. We appealed to the Supreme Court to save a tool Virginia law enforcers use regularly to prosecute child predators. As we've said from the beginning, this case was never about sexual orientation or private acts between consenting adults. Virginia’s law couldn't be used against consenting adults acting in private. It only applied to offenses committed against minors, against non-consenting or incapacitated adults, or in public. Local prosecutors have said that the Fourth Circuit’s decision “puts tools prosecutors need to protect children  in jeopardy” and that they have “been using this law to protect minors from predatory adults.” In the last three years in Virginia Beach alone, law enforcement has used this law 60 times against child sexual predators . With the law now stricken, nearly 90 sexual predators could be dropped from Virginia’s sex offender registry in communities across the commonwealth.

Eh. Sell it somewhere else. 

Do you agree with the Supreme Court's decision, Instincters?